Bruce had a solid game

Just want to say that I was impressed with Arland Bruce’s game Saturday night. Not only did he lead the Cats in receiving, but he did not celebrate in any way shape or form after any of his catches. I think he is fitting into the team and quite frankly, he looks right at home out there in Gold and Black. Keep up the good work Arland.

Agreed ! said it nicely...... :smiley:

how can you write that meanly?? lol

yep, even tried to throw a block on Greg Peach on a Porter Run and earned himself some props from Jamal Johnson

Very solid performance by Bruce. It makes me wonder what would've happened if he wasn't there. Were other receivers open?

However, Porter may have went to Bruce on the quick hits too much, I don't know. Prechae seemed frustrated on a couple of plays, waving his arms down field. But yeah, Bruce looked very good. If we can get him on some crossing routes with room to run it will be beautiful.


Noticed that with prechae too...hopefully he isn't too frustrated with it...we can't have the team chemistry ruined!!