Bruce had a great night

In 2007 same game, Argos at Sask, Bruce had 171 yards and we won the game.

Oh ya, Bishop was at qb...HMMM :thup:

Oh I get it, Bruce only had 171 yards receiving because the defence was so good :roll:

What is the point of this?

Your citing a one specific date in history as your reason why Bishop is better?

Bishop is better period! We did play Sask last night you might remember? It was mentioned on the broadcast.

Bishop's better?

Sigh... this argument again...

Argo's played the Riders last night? Huh... what CFL game was I watching then?

Are you citing the final game of the regular season? I also remember watching that game too... Did the Rider's not rest their team for most of that game because seeding was already set? The same game that meant everything to the Argo's seeding? That game? Are you sure you want to point out that one specifically?

You also know what I remember watching many a time now? Bishop having many opportunities to prove himself and yet, never fully grabbing that title as a bone fide starter.

I realize you will point out his record from last year and truthfully, it's a good point...

Shall I point out that statistically, Bishop's QB rating is among the lowest - if not the lowest - among the starters of 2007?

But he threw all those TD's while only playing 2/3's of the season! Good try!

Shall I point out that Bishop threw the 3rd most INT's last year? While playing 2/3's of that season...

How about the passing accuracy in the 2007 playoffs?

Bishop 46.7%. Joseph 58.6%. Is that a difference? I don't know...

Shall I point out the MVP race? Was Bishop even thought of?

I also remember watching someone carry his team to the Grey Cup on the other's home turf...