I just heard the report on TSN how Bruce has been "suspended" for Friday's game due to the accumulation of many problems.
Here is the report from Dave Naylor of the Globe.

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Looks like Bruce's ship is about to sail on out of TO.

Looks like Andrus is making his mark, his way or the highway.
Just like he threatened to do the same with Belli.

First Armstrong, now Bruce, could Ricky Ray be the next one ?

Sure Bruce has some talent, but you just can't win with guys like that. Maybe Baker could use a backup singer for his hip-hop band...? :stuck_out_tongue:

The big question now. Do they manage to trade him ? or does he get released and joins the rest of the malcontent and trouble makers out of football ?

Very interesting in Argoland. Might be the right thing to do, I don't know, we'll see.

There is no way he can come back and be a functional member of the argos after that hissy fit. My guess is that he gets released shortly after the game in winnipeg so that he doesnt disrupt team chemistry. I definitely agree with Andrus’ move though being late/absent for team meetings is totally unprofessional and leaving his playbook on the plane is a huge deal

Anyone else catch that shot at Kerry Joseph in the middle of the article? :lol:, that is about the most disrespectful rant on your own team I've read...clearly Bruce's ego comes way in front of Bruce's team...

It's about time someone put Bruce in his place good for Andrus

Too bad. He was a good ball player Carpentry maybe ?

I take that back. Apparently Bruce is bragging that he took the Argos money up front so he would like to be released and get a shot in the NFL. Looks like this may have all been planned. The MJ thing got him exposure in the States now he goes public and skrews the people who paid him for six years. I say sit him for the rest of the year...


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ABIII called me at 6pm to tell me what happened.

He spoke with his agent shortly after the meeting with Andrus, and his agent did confirm that the team is actively trying to trade him.

His agent asked him which teams he would prefer to be traded to.

He gave 3 teams.

Arland, who would actually prefer to be released so he can try his luck out south of the border with NFL training camps set to break very soon. He could land a tryout with a NFL team, as he got quite a bit of up front money in his latest contract, as his base salary is quite low.

If he didnt' make the NFL roster, he would still have 2 months left to sign back in CFL for a stretch drive like he did when re originally joined the Argos.

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...he's already had his shot in the nfl....doubt anyone would be interested in him there...He could end up being traded...HOWEVER...the news is out ....Anyone interested will just wait till he's released ...probably next week.. :wink:

Yeah at this point, if your the Argos, take what you can get and run, maybe a neg list player, or just lower the ax on him.

They've taken the cap hit on him, he's a steal for any team. It's even worth giving up talent to get his contract, if it is mostly paid for already, Probably cheaper than to sign him if he was to be released

Bruce clearly doesn't want to be part of the team in Toronto. He's probably through in this league unless he signs on with Calgary as his attitude would appear to fit right in with that team. Hey ma, look at me!!!

I'd just cut him. First he costs his team with his incredibly dumb MJ celebration. Now he's ripping on his own teammates? Like red said, clearly his ego comes before the team. If he thinks he really has a shot at the NFL, I wish him luck. Does he honestly think the NFL will stand for his MJ B.S.? I seriously doubt it. This guy is just an idiot.

.....he's going to ask or be offered that much less if he's been paid team is going to give the Argos anything for the guy that's worthwhile...when they know they can get him for diddly...cmon....see the Armstrong case..that's how this one is going to go down.. :wink: :roll:

With his history, chances are a trade would result in his failure to report.

Argos are pretty much all-round screwed because of the front-loaded contract to a troublemaker.