Bruce Dowbiggin afraid to use the word NFL

I see Bruce just can’t come to use the word NFL but happy to say CFL and Galea. Unreal, “football” players:

Finally, interesting how quickly CFL commissioner Mark Cohon got a press release out to congratulate David Braley – who owns 25 per cent of the league – on being named a senator. Interesting that we have yet to hear from the commissioner about the arrest on Monday of Tony Galea, the former team doctor of Braley’s Toronto Argos, on charges he dispensed PEDs to football players.

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Dr. Galea faces also Canadian criminal charges mind you, and I guess only the Globe and Mail now from what I have seen actually mentions the situation as too many try to pretend like there is not a significant problem to be addressed in the CFL not just the NFL?

As I commented separately in other leagues under the HGH link with the signficant issues looming for it with the NFL, no doubt the Canadian press (yes even as an American and long before coming here I do read much of it in following the energy and mining industries as well) and more folks would be in a far greater fuss if Dr. Galea were American and crossed the border to work with CFL players including also Canadians.

The bias to me with the lack of attention on the matter in Canada, including the Argos' involvement in the matter and some commentary that basically is almost dismissal of the gravity of the PED problem in the CFL over and above the use of illegal drugs, if not perhaps only historically now for sake of Dr. Galea and the Argos and former or current players on that team, until perhaps this bust a few days ago in the US as well has been appalling. :roll:

That's why I posted the news within hours of it breaking in part too.

All those PEDs sure haven't helped the Argos. Maybe it's not as big a problem, other than the prescribing of banned substances of course, as some people think.

This is EXACTLY what should happen, and why some farcical drug testing program is both irrelevant and unnecessary. If there are people dispensing illegal drugs arrest them. That's what laws are for.

Whether or not the Argos suck or not with the PEDs is irrelevant to the fact they are likely being used when a doctor distributing them was once employed by them. How conveniently too many ignore the likely reality given the fact of his employment and also criminal charges on both sides of the border!

And this is why some drug testing program to which the CFLPA and CFL agree in principle is relevant. It's just a matter now of which method to use for feasible random testing that is being skirted.

And for sake of the CFLPA or the NFLPA, I am not for nor do not think it is necessary for the players to become pin cushions for sake of also random blood testing unless consented after a criminal charge for sake of drug possession or for evidence of ties to any illegal distributor of PEDs such as Dr. Galea should the player want to continue to play.

The laws regarding illegal drugs and distribution still apply irrespective of league or any employer policies just as they do for the NFL, but it is the league's responsibility for the integrity of the game nothwithstanding the looming legal and financial issues, just as it is in the discretion of any private employer to go at times beyond the mere law to enforce also private policies as per a new agreement between the CFLPA and CFL.

How folks do not move off this "if" drug use in the CFL thinking that ignores years of evidence at hand and just go to "how to deal with it effectively and feasibly" thinking baffles me, but perhaps there are undisclosed agendas at hand.

Dowbiggin is just trying to slag the CFL, what does Braley have anything to with this topic and yet Brucey has to mention he owns 25 percent trying to make it sound like this is a joke for a league. Hey, I don't like the guy, I don't like how he comes across in interviews and I don't like his writing, he's a goofball. He comes across as a goof to me.

I agree. Besides that doctor was fired by the Argos before Braley even bought the team IIRC.

Dowbiggin is the self-important twit who carved former Blue Jay BPB man Jamie Campbell pretty good in his G&M column last July. Guess it worked as Buck Martinez is the new guy, but Campbell didn't deserve the way-over-the-top personal attack that possibly helped sink his career.

More on the story here:

What I am surprised is our “friend” the object of CFL negativity Stephen Brunt has yet to opine and slam the league based on this former DR. of the Argos.
Tick, tick, tick…

Good reads guys.

Always remember, you don't have to be intelligent to be part of the sports media scene.
But anyways, anybody who insists on saying Brailey owns 25% of the league blah blah blah can't be taken seriously. Okay we get it, you learned your fractions in school. This is old news and completely irrelevant to the story.

the cfl needs a new commish, this guy is getting embarrassed by some doctor who dishes out roids like bubblegum and worked for the CFLs flagship team in the biggest media market, and all the cfl management can muster is a useless no comment, this commish lacks any cahonies. The cfl thinks its in good shape, but when are they gonna step in and clean up that stadium fiasco in hamilton and develop a decent place for the argos.

weezy, I doubt most CFL fans think Cohon is getting embarrassed as you say from a doctor like this guy who then gets written up in opinionated articles about the CFL afterwards by guys who aren't CFL fans. The CFL has to watch what they say, this doctor's career is on the line and lawsuits are in the waiting if the CFL says the wrong thing.

The CFL stepping in for the PanAm GAmes? Ummm, it's HOSTCO of the PanAms responsible for the stadium, not the CFL. The Rogers Centre is a decent stadium, it works for the Blue Jays. What it isn't is the best type of football stadium but it is very, very decent as a stadium.

The commissioners job isn't to micro-manage every franchise, and oversee all doctors in the league. He also can't dictate what stadiums are built where and by whom. You're asking for a national football czar Weezy. There is no such position.

The Players' Union will most likely remain "uninterested" in Drug Testing for as long as possible
because it costs alot to test on a consistent basis-- and that would ultimately come out of player salaries.

It will only come out of their salary if they are caught using a banned substance. Otherwise it's the fans who will pay for drug testing (in more ways than one).

Yet another point on which I disagree with you. Ultimately like other labour matters, reality is that this item becomes just another point of negotiation for which the costs are borne by ALL parties to some degree or another. Then as usual it's just a matter of who chips in what and when and how.

Such a situation is inevitable when it is in the interest of both parties, through the force of law if not the larger potential financial losses surrounding the matter if not addressed before some event takes place to hammer the value of the CFL's brand or that of any other league.

It is only because the matter has been swept under some imaginary rug, with no amount of evidence enough for some for the need for such testing to protect the long-term future of the league not to mention the looming legal liability and medical issues, including with the help of some of the media silence in Canada especially until recently on the matter of Dr. Galea now charged with Canadian and US crimes.

Separately and not necessarily your position Rpaege, but rather in response to some of the other comments below,

to deny ANY responsibility of the CFL at all or any other associated group (commissioner, players, owners, "free" media who with sponsorship agreements and comps, etc) in addressing the matter, however small the responsibility might be knowing that all such parties are affected by the matter, for not keeping the "house" clean and in order is laughable and for the most part ignorant. :thdn:

All parties involved bear some responsibility for keeping the "house" in order. It's not a question of who is responsible or not -- it's a question of who bears how much and too many folks don't get that out of certainly misunderstanding but sometimes largely their own selfish interests or role as paid water-carriers for such interests. :thdn:

Nobody cares if a CFL player took it from him, can a CFL player even afford his services ,plus everyone is waiting on the dirt that tiger did.

Definitely a whole lot of uninformed fans with nothing to lose anyway but their seat could care less -- you are right in that regard and speak for yourself and perhaps your cronies so well Pikk! :stuck_out_tongue:

But the players, owners, sponsors, fans who do care, communities, et cetera have a lot more more to lose beyond only that, and that's why all of them do not and will not be sitting by you any time soon.

To fans like you and others I say you want to watch a drug sideshow -- go watch the WWE but don't mix that up with what football ought to be.

Meanwhile beyond testing for 'roids in Canada, both the CFL and NFL have a real ugly elephant in the room with HGH with which to deal now.

The matter is also akin to the concussion issue finally being handled by the NFL and still in discussions with Congress, the issue is discussed with some helpful information you all don't seem to get out of your Toronto media until finally Dr. Galea was busted down here. It is posted in the HGH link in "Other Leagues":


You can educate yourself more about the risks to either league or just stay a reclusive homer up there and chant on in such mindless ignorant bliss: "Hey man, well, no one cares so I don't see the problem man ...if a tree falls in a forest you know ..." :thup: