Bruce DeVenne (Halifax jerk) attacks the CFL

Halifax's own professional nay-sayer, Bruce DeVenne, has based his argument against a stadium in Halifax on the CFL being a dead-end, fragile, haunt-for-losers, NON-PROFESSIONAL league! I would do it all myself, but I figured you guys might enjoy slamming the ass-munch too.

He made such statements (particularly against Saskatchewan, Toronto, and Montreal) in a comment to the following article (Comment #33):

Bruce DeVenne from Lower sackville, NS writes: The CFL surives in Regina, a city similar in size to Halifax because of Football friendly banks, government subsidies and charity fund raising events such as bake sales (this is off the official CFL site). The Toronto argos were taken over and run by the league for a number of years. Ottawa's got a they don't...yes they they don't. Montreal has the Allouettes no they've got the Concord no they've got the allouettes who survive through large advertizing income. This is professional football?? How many tax dollars are Nova Scotians ready to donate annually to a CFL franchise???
Bruce DeVenne

If you love the CFL, take some time embarass the old fossil by leaving a comment to the column. There's not registration necessary.

He is a low-life that also was a big reason that Halifax pulled out of the Commonwealth Games. He should be deported (I wish it could happen :wink: )

He is just the kind that doesn't want to listen, he just wants to shoot stuff down. He and his "possy" are delaying a 27, yes 27 stories building from going up downtown, meanwhile isn't Calgary putting one up thats something like 57 stories???

He and his small gathering of followers are the big reason Halifax is not being developed, not just on the stadium issue.

I'm pretty sure he used the word "bush" a couple of times too.

I think his excuse is that hes not actually from Halifax, but Lower Sackville, and doesn't see a stadium helping his part of HRM. But it would, they'd be able to see teams/events in it too.

He never seems to have anything better to do either.

He sounds like a fool, when was TO run for years by the league?

Sask raised 15M in revenue last year did they not?

CFL sue him for Slander!!!

...people like him are all entitled to their useless as it is..... with regards to his article....ill-informed...and moronic are two words that come to mind...go back to your cave Bruce DeVenne ...or whoever you are.... :thdn: :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be libel. :wink:

Libel only applies to untrue comments made in writing about a private individual who's reputation is irreparably damaged.

As the CFL is a very public institution there is no libel in this case even though his comments are half-baked baloney.

Haha, although the CFL was a great league before and still is, it's not since recently that this league has began to flounder and gain respect, which hopefully continues. Who care what happened in th 70's and 80's the league is totally different.

Libel is defamation in writing, slander is spoken.

I guess the encouraging thing is that only 2 people are against it that have posted on there.

A columunist can write what they want, they aren't connected with the league so who cares what they say, they don't know much. Maybe there are some there, like here in Hamilton, who would rather money be spent on a NHL standard arena with the hopes, however thin, that the NHL might come calling one day rather than a much more possible scenario that with a decent CFL stadium that would cost less than an NHL arena, the CFL would come calling. In Hamilton of course we've had the TiCats for decades but the city did spend millions on a new arena while allowing our football stadium to deteriorate even though we actually had a team in the CFL.

Actually Bruce isn’t even a columnist. He posted a comment to a column, which supports the idea of a stadium.

Halifax is run by a small group of geriatrics who have used their money to run the mayor's office for decades. The only thing they care about is to continue to pay roughly 35% of what equal value properties in other Canadian cities pay in property taxes. Anything and I mean anything that will cost money, take up land, increase costs is blocked by these folks. There is no summer activities for kids here in the summer, there is not one event that creates any sense of community with the exception of a small parade of lights at Xmas time that is over in 30 minutes.

Halifax Dartmouth is growing by leaps and bounds with the exception of the downtown core that is the 'PROPERTY' of a bunch of old bags who push buttons on a mechanical dildo permamently inserted in the mayor's ass.

Peter Kelley THE ASSMAN

The thing is, the mayor, and these opposers, aren't from Halifax or Dartmouth. They are from Lower Sackville/Bedford, and think they get nothing for their taxes, but they get plenty.

He's at it again:

[i]To the editor:

Re: David Rodenhiser's column, A Stadium Won't Pay For Itself. So What?, in the June 27 Daily News.

This column sounded more like Scott Logan's Commonwealth Games hype than factual reporting. Rodenhiser quotes Don Mills claiming support for a CFL team. Is this the same Don Mills who claimed 90 per cent-plus support for the Games? Where was that support in the end?

Rodenhiser adds that a stadium would increase civic pride and quality of life. Being able to go downtown without the danger of being beaten and robbed would do more to increase quality of life. Downtown not looking like a dump would do more for civic pride. Wiser spending of limited civic tax dollars would contribute to both of these.

Rodenhiser tells us a stadium and CFL team would keep young people here. If there's no work, how will they afford tickets? Young people go where the jobs are. Thanks to free trade, jobs are scarcer in HRM and Nova Scotia.

He compares a money-losing stadium to roads, schools and medical care, which also don't make money. I have to wonder how he got a reporting job, yet doesn't seem able to differentiate between want and need. The things we need are being cut back on a regular basis.

Private business builds convention centres elsewhere. Why not here?

Rodenhiser then tells us how many other things can be done in a stadium. Fine. One problem though. The vast majority of them only show up if taxpayers subsidize them.

We're committed to chip in on the Acadian games and to pay for the Canada Winter Games. Almost every sporting event gets cities to bid for the right to host them.

Enough. The government has a mandate to supply specific services in return for our tax dollars. Let them fufil those obligations first.

Maybe the leadership Rodenhiser condemns has simply adopted a wiser attitude. If it's not feasible for private business to do it, it's not feasible for the taxpayer. That's a motto I'm sure most taxpayers can be happy with.

Bruce DeVenne

Lower Sackville[/i]

How does he get every single one of his letters into the papers?

LOL He brought in a free trade argument,lol
Ok this is where I find it funny because free trade is why Canada is one of the richest countries in the world.
For every Dollar we give the US, the US gives us 10 Dollars.
Free Trade is one of the Major reasons why we have so many jobs in Canada.
The US sells to 30 million Canadians while we sell to 300 million Americans.
We are getting a smoking deal at a 10:1 ratio.
The US loves dumping money into Canada.

Next He has no clue how the ecomonic spin offs of a stadium works. He has no clue that 1 Canadian Dollar can be taxed a million times over and over again. Meaning through each transaction, the same Dollar gets taxed each time it changes hands.

Next Bruce DeVenne should tell us what he supports in the place of the CFL. If he supports the arts,lol I will jump all over that arguement.
Come on Bruce, tell us what you support? I bet I can find problems and waste in your interests as well.

Ive left a couple of comments in those 2 articles but it's like arguing against a 7 year old who just keeps saying "No, I win!". It doesn't matter what kind of logic or reason you use, they don't even have a clue about the CFL and they can't read very well.

If someone makes a comment that makes sense, it just gets ignored.

Someone did think of something that's a great idea though. Basically Devenne gets all the publicity and a lot of his stuff gets published because he's really the only all in anti stadium critic there is. There's no pro-stadium person who is putting as much effort into getting the word out as Brucey.

If someone in the Halifax area stepped up to the plate and went all out to promote a stadium Im willing to bet Mr. Devenne's press time gets cut in half.

He's had his 15 minutes of fame it's time for someone else to step up.

I wrote this to the paper, but of course mine didn't get published. And its not just about a stadium its about Bruce and his overall negative attitude and shooting everything down:

"I for one am sick and tired of Bruce Devenne, his small gathering of followers, and their no-can-do attitude. Every time a major project comes around to Halifax, they step up and feel the need to ruin it. The Commonwealth Games, a new stadium issue, the Twin Towers. They are keeping Halifax from progressing as a city. The worst part is, they are playing city hall like puppets.

The Commonwealth Games, could have been done right. We were one of the leaders of the bidding cities. I agree $1.7 billion is too much, and $1.3 is pushing it, but the bid was given up to quickly. That far into the bid, it should have been kept and worked down. If not, then maybe drop it, but it doesn't even seem like and effort was made. I am surprised it was discovered we were big enough for the Canada games.

First of all for the stadium, calling the CFL a bush league shows you know nothing about it. You may think its second to the NFL, which is fine for you, but it is not bush. A bush league doesn't get nearly 30,000 fans showing up for each game. Secondly, CFL is a major part of potential uses, but it is not the only. International soccer could be held there. Canada is hosting the 2009 Gold Cup, and could bid for the 2018 World Cup. International friendlies, Rugby, outdoor lacrosse, AUS/CIS events, Concerts, Athletics and recreation sports could all use it too. We're not talking a Big "Owe" like in Montreal here with 65,000 seats. A modest stadium of 25,000-30,000 seats would work well.

The Twisted Towers should have been approved by now. They are only 27 stories. Calgary is putting on up over 50 stories tall. No wonder everyone is leaving for Alberta, they actually allow projects to go through. I agree seeing the harbour from the hill is important, but we can't sacrifice the well being of the city. There should be two zones downtown, one with a limit so harbour viewing is possible, one with no restrictions. Our location so far east gives us great potential for company offices.

When facts are presented to Devenne, he ignores them and says they can't be right. Yes there probably was 90 percent supporting the Commonwealth Games, but that was before the costs spiralled, and and the committee kept everything secret. The last ones I remember were in the 70s. Is that so hard to beleive? I don't think so, Bruce just doesn't want to face it.

If we don't get our act together, and do what is best for the city instead of what Devenne and his followers want, Moncton will soon pass us. Or whats left of us after the increase of people moving to Alberta. I'm pretty sure the City should know whats best for the City, and shouldn't have to listen to the selfish antics of Devenne.

Although Devenne may disagree, he is not the know-all for the city. He does not know what the rest of us want, just what he wants."

Any ideas on improvements that might help it?

The ideal person to rally and lead the pro stadium forces would be former CFL Chief Marketing Officer Brent Scrimshaw. Scrimshaw is a New Brunswick native who knows the region and the CFL. He used to be part of this forum under the name “bscrimshaw”. Maybe some people should pm him and see if he has any ideas or any interest in trying to get a fan-based movement going.

I don't know why people get so upset because some know nothing in Sacksville, Nova Scotia writes a negative comment about the CFL?

Thats his opinion. He obviously knows nothing. His opinion has no affect on anything. And we should leave it as that.