Bruce And Stala Cooking Something UP?

Good read... if they do do something I hope it does not cost us yardage!

HAMILTON, Ont. -- There's something about Ivor Wynne Stadium that seems to bring out the artistic side of Arland Bruce III.

The all-star slotback has celebrated scoring touchdowns there by donning a Spiderman mask he had tucked in his pants, and last year shed his helmet, shoulder pads and uniform before lying down in the end zone in a mock tribute to the late Michael Jackson. He was fined by the CFL in both instances but adding insult to injury for Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans was the celebrations came with Bruce as a member of the hated Toronto Argonauts.


Only goes to prove Bruce is still an egotistical idiot that I have no respect for outside his athletic abilities. I want him on the team but if he pulls crap like he has in the past I won't be happy. I thought we finally got through to him that its team first second and last and there is no place for his nonsense. If the old Bruce is back I hope he leaves town ASAP

Whoa!! where did you read that?? if he keeps it within the guidelines MB has set out.. WTF is the problem....

"Yeah, put the six points up on the board," Bruce said when asked if he had a special touchdown celebration in mind. "I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing, be myself and help this team win."
Doesn't look to me like he is going to go overboard, you need to relax a bit

Did you read the article...
I love how you go off on Bruce who says he has nothing planed, and don't say a thing about Stalla who plans on doing something. :roll:

I was one of those people who were leery of Bruce being brought in given his reputation, but I have the ability to give people 2nd chances and ABIII has proven himself to me.. he is top notch talent and has been well behaved since coming to the Cats!!

If they do do something I am confident it won't hurt the team!!

I read the article. BTW I’m not really happy about Stalla’s stuff either. This has been a bad week for Bruce. Way too much attention and I hope it isn’t going to his head.

AKT, Bruce is the best thing for Hamilton since Danny Mac came to town. Keep your "stupid" comments to yourself. And maybe get into the Labour Day festivities and stop acting like an old coot.


Same for me as HalftheDistance

Great post :thup:

I'm quite certain if AKT had his way gameday experience would be like going to a funeral. No music, no endzone dances and no excitement. So what a guy does a dance in the endzone and little rap music is played. It is fun and gets fans into the games. How a tastful endzone dance has ever hurt anyone is beyond me. Lighten up a little and enjoy life and not be so disgruntled. Today's game is what Ticat fans and players live for.

Couldn't have said it better myself.Game's are entertainment first, competition second.There would be no games if nobody wanted to watch it.

Perhaps you should switch football for golf!?

I'm curious to see what both have in store as both WILL get in the end zone.

And AKT, you need to relax. You're sounding like a bitter old man. Just enjoy the game. Don't take things so seriously.

Agreed on all counts!

I think people need to stop ganging up on AKT. The man likes what he likes. I like what he doesn't like. But there's no need to start calling him stupid, old coot, bitter, whatever. These things strike me as personal attacks, and I think they're supposed to be forbidden on this board. Or is this just good-natured ribbing and I'm not picking up on it?

Is it too much to ask to just win the game and be up by at least 15 points with 5 minutes to go first before such home cooking?

If it is a close game, no use gloating before it's over or afterwards, as it is a time to be humble in victory lest it is the Grey Cup I say.

You guys are my favourite East team as a new fan in my first full season I think. :slight_smile: Cool bunch of people too, but I like the folks in Montreal also. :thup:

You asked - you got!

Well, I don't know what was with Stala's celebration. It did not quite turn out being another YouTube moment for him.

But I wonder if the snap from Mann on the "FG attempt" was intentionally bad to end the celebration there. After Stala would have attempted that, a flag may have been thrown.

The guy is personally attacking Bruce when he calls him an idiot.

Why would you defend him if you care about that stuff?

I rarely say anything negative about another poster, but I am sick of people attacking Arland Bruce. Bruce is the best thing we have had here in years. If someone attacks him, I, for one, will risk discipline from moderators for calling the guy out. I didn't call AKT stupid although I wanted to. I said his comments were stupid.
And if anyone is an old coot it's me, but even I don't mind some celebration in the endzone.
I respect Bruce as a player and a leader who is not afraid to speak his mind when it's necessary. Remember, it was Bruce who said Glen should be the starter last year. You can't fault the guy when he proved to be 100 per cent correct.