Bruce and Cobourne

I hope they show up to practice and actually participate next week.. They looked like two rookies out there..

I agree.

IT'S TIME TO GIVE BOLTUS A SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

yes, their going to have some work to do.

I only saw the 4th quarter of this game, but I did see the Glenn pick and AB3 drop at least one easy one. And what was with him kicking the ball to take that 10 yard penalty?I know he can be emotional, but he can't be doing these things.

I understand Glenn looked rusty in the second preseason game. Did he appear to still have some of that rust?

When these two aren't even close to being their best, this team is in trouble.

And I expect this thread is where the inevitable first post regular season game Glenn vs. Porter debates/arguments/flamewars will happen.

lol I don't think we are at that point yet.. This was an eye opener for Glenn and our offense..

Our defense actually played real well aside from that Edwards TD..


glenn sucked big time tonite.

Glenn sucked, our play calls on O sucked, Bruce sucked, the refs sucked at certain points (loved how the Bombers get to do a 5 player TD celebration no flag then Bruce kick's the ball and we get flagged)
Defense was great, Medlock was automatic and the defensive play calls were awesome.

8) According to the 5th Quarter, Arland Bruce and Avon Colbourne were in a heated argument at the bench during the
 4th Quarter !!!

  So much for team solidarity and mental toughness, none of which we witnessed tonight by this TiCat team !!!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Nothing to worry about, two very vocal players that like to call other players out is all.Bruce played like crap tonight, he need's to accept that and play much much better the rest of the season.Good on Avon making sure everybodies accountable for their action's.

Disagree with your words about mental toughness. Nobody can gauge that. But, ABIII could have been a little more focused on a few occasions. Avon needs to sit back and accomplish something here before he runs his mouth.

Passion is good. Good to see them fired up in a loss.
Performance is better.

AB did the same kinds of things as an Argo--gets frustrated and/or angry and loses his cool. He hasn't learned that it isn't helpful. I'm surprised that Cobourne would get involved in that BS. He never did as an Al which might say something about the differences between Trestman and Bellefuille.

An Argo-Cat fan

I was watching in sec 8
Avon went over tell bruce off before coach could to him
Coach B was looking for AB3 he was coming off but Avon got there 1st

Um, what game did you watch? Cobourne played great. Aside from getting stuffed on 3rd down one time, I was really happy with Cobourne's performance.

I will agree that Bruce was terrible. He drops way too many passes. It doesn't help that he seemed to not be involved in the game at all for the entire first half, but when his number was called, he dropped the ball. Not a good performance by him.

agreed, Avon played great, quite refreshing after seeing Cobb get stuffed on every run last season

and AB3 had a bad game, he will more than likely still go over 1000 yards this season, everybody including the fans have to put this loss behind them and move on to next saturday, 17 more to go

Cobourne caught passes, ran the ball and blocked... what else did you want him to do?!? Want him to kick field goals next game?

Avon looked great, AB3 no commemt!

couldn't disagree more.
the guy is a champion....a 2 time champion.
he comes from a winning organization.
if holding players accountable is what makes the Als champions, then that is what the tabbies need.