Bruce 13thMan and his 13thFamily of 2013

A video I made of my 13thFamily from 2013. Sorry about not being able to watch on a mobile device, I tried to change the setting but it won't let me.
Its was the best season yet!

It sure was Bruce.

I haven't seen the video (mobile device) but I can say I've had the pleasure of meeting you and Phyillis at several tailgates both in Guelph and in Lot J and without a shadow of doubt you are absolutely great people. Count me amongst the 13th Family.

Oskee Wee Wee!!!!

Great video and it has been a great season so far, let it continue for 10 more days!
Bruce, when I see you at THF I'll buy you a beer, just for being a great fan!

My favorite is the the-shirt are the 2:20 matk :thup:

Right On Bruce XIIIth Man! :thup: