Browns vs Steelers

oh yea watson fumbles for a go ahead td

finally a good play!! haha

I cannot believe he didn’t see that blitz coming.


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Actually, it was a brutal mistake on about 3 levels.


Better team won, but not an impressive showing by either team.

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last play looks like a pass interference

Yeah lots of mistakes but at least it was close until the end.

If Chubb didn’t get hurt I think Cleveland would have won as he was just mowing them down up until that point.

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Oh it definitely was PI, but the Browns blew their opportunities way before that play

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totally agree!!

Yes, what @Hit.em.hard stated plus the hair is considered part of the legal part of uniform.

When Ricky Williams was playing for the Miami Dolphins was the first time that I remember discussion about the rules in this regard.

Except they used to tackle Ricky by the joints.

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