Browns vs Steelers

My sentimental favourites vs their most hated rivals.

And I’ve never seen Cleveland wear WHITE helmets!
I usually hate the all-white look, but they’re making this work.

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I will probably tune in to this game as well but as a Ravens fan, I’m hoping for poor play all around lol


As a Browns guy, I am now morally obligated to hate you, lol. :rofl:


Cleveland looked good in Week 1. Let’s see if that was a mirage or not against a Steeler team that didn’t look good. Their inclusion in next week’s pool depends entirely on how they play tonight.

Haven’t seen the all white unis yet but almost an automatic non starter for me along with white belts worn by golfers. Maybe only the Oakland A’s can pull off the all whites. If you want to see an awesome uniform change the channel and check out the Saints.

Yeah, been watching it.

I’ve always thought Pittsburgh had the most classically beautiful uniforms (their blacks).
Also kinda like the Bengals tiger look.


white browns helmet > red browns helmets

I agree. But the orange helmets have a history.
Back in the old leatherhead days, apparently the owner painted their helmets bright orange so his quarterback could distinguish his receivers from the traditional brown-leather helmeted defenders.


haha that’s hilarious

Well now. That seems just like a CFL start.

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Before I could type this game starts now, Watson throws a pick six on the first play of the game on a bobbled and supposedly safe 5 yard pass. 7-0 Steelers.

And the all white unis? :-1:


Like both of those but still think Saints and Falcons colour schemes are better.

The black and yellow colour scheme in my opinion works for most teams using it including the Penguins, Bruins, Steelers, Ticats and Pirates who I think have the best baseball unis. It’s definitely Pittsburgh centric although the Bruins had it first.

My personal taste likes the black and gold of the Saints just a bit better.

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Steelers Lore

Until recent years and perhaps to this day you will find an older Steelers fan who still does as follows, here’s how I heard it years after owner Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore to become the Ravens.

Most people in my state of Pennsylvania are fans of the Steelers you see. They also have a vast nationwide following amongst especially those who left Pennsylvania. Snoop Dogg is also a fan.

I hardly run into fans of the Steelers or any other team than the Eagles anywhere near where I live until about one hour away in almost every direction. The few of them for the Cowboys and the Giants hide I suppose, but I digress.

So after the Browns were revived in Cleveland, the fans of the Steelers called the Ravens the Old Browns and the new Browns simply the New Browns.

Rest assured, the fans of the Steelers are fair and equal in their scorn.

It’s a black and blue division on the ground in those games and amongst the fans no doubt.


Yeah I like the pale gold the Saints wear.

Good defenses this game

Ogunjobi sounds like a Jedi name.

This game is like Labour Day in Cleveland.


LOVING this run game

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HATING this long delay

Agree…I also think when you go away from your usual (with few exceptions) uniforms that there are very few teams that have a better third uniform than their traditional Home/Road unis. Calgary’s Black and the Bengals Whites would be those exceptions…

Hot Potato!

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No butt fumble rule there. Gotta actually posess it


Longest final 22 seconds of a quarter in NFL history