Browns fire Kitchens

With the H.C. firing, I’m assuming Jones is out of work also.

I wonder if he would entertain the thought of coming back to the CFL as a DC? Would anyone take a chance on him after he bailed in Sask?

Personally I could care less.
Didn’t like his style or his overall lack of Offensive interest.

I guess since he will get paid for the 2020 season anyways he’ll likely take a year off if another NFL opportunity doesn’t come along. He’ll likely make more sitting out a year than any CFL job would get him in five years.

Certainly don’t need him anywhere near this franchise. The management and coaches are doing quite well without Mr 3 Hats and with any luck at all we could again be another power house to be reckoned with next season, and another bonus Mcadoo’s gone, another remnant of Jones’s final moments here.

I like the GM, Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator we have in place now.

We don’t need C. Jones.