BROWNER: We got the win tonight

September 13, 2008

It was good that we got the win tonight obviously, but we had a bunch of penalties out there that I wish wouldn’t have happened. The score wouldn’t have looked so close it wasn’t for those.

As a defence we’re gelling. We haven’t had as many changes in the defensive backfield, the linebackers and on the line and that has helped. For a while there, we had guys coming in and out weekly and now we’re beginning to see our starting twelve getting comfortable with each other and we’re playing well as a defence.

My interception play was really a give-me. I happened to turn around and it was basically a blessing from god. We were in a cover two and I was pressing the receiver. I guess Calvillo didn’t see me there and I got the interception.

When the offence is playing well it’s always beneficial for the defence. When you have three-and-outs, it’s tough on the defence. For the offence to go out and drive the field and have that kind of time possession, it’s always good for us and gives us fresh legs and a little wind in our sails for the next series.

As a team we still need to improve on the penalties. If I’m not mistaken we’re the most penalized team in the CFL and I think that could haunt us in the long run if we can’t get on top of it.

For me personally, I always think there’s room for improvement. I feel like I could have done some things better out there, but the nice part is we played well as a team and were able to win.

It was nice to be at home; home-field advantage is always big for us. When the defence is on the field and the fans are going crazy it’s a big energy boost.

Ride with us to the end Stamps fans. Believe in us to the end. This team is determined to get to the Grey Cup and I think there is something special going on here. Have faith in us.

Love you Stamps fans,
Brandon Browner, #27

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Found this old thread. Thought is was fitting seeing as he had such a huge game today... With a lot of penalties as well. Guess somethings don't change. He also was in on a few blitzes as well. This might be the best game he has had all year