Browner hit on Heard

I want to see how the league deals with this one. Helmut to helmut when he was defenceless and prone while trying to catch a kick. Complete disregard for the restraining zone, and didn't even try to let up at all.

Unnessesary and dangerous hit? Mandatory suspension?

Will they be looking for a reason to use the new Player Safety standards and make an example out of Browner?

From what I saw, it didnt look that bad... at least not as bad as the Glenn hit. I think the lleague should be careful. This is new territory, and they dont want to blow it by being too harsh and have it backfire.

It was close but I don't think it was helmet to helmet, sorry to say. But you are right that it was complete disregard. While it was dangerous, I wouldn't say the new mandatory suspension policy would apply.

Y’all know the reason Browner made that hit don’t ya?

The previous two kickoffs the Stamps were easily within the no yards zone. No Flags on either of those blatant calls.

Why wouldn’t Calgary be head hunting on the next one?

No yards wasn’t being called all night until then.

That one was entirely the refs’ fault!

The refs were pathetic in that case.

Amen! The no yards 5 yard circle was reduced to about 2 yards tonight, Browner just got greedy and decided to try his luck with 1 and 1/2 :wink:

I saw one of the no yards no calls, and buddy was clearly only 3 yards away. I dont know why no yards wasnt called.

What you cry when you win too!

I almost want the league to fine the ref for not throwing the flag on the other kick.

It was HIM that put Heard's safety in danger.

I was almost convinced that the refs had decided to test the limits of the fans and purposely tried to start a riot.

But Rider fans know how to behave .... unless of course they get attacked.

I never cried. I was happy with the win and entertaining game.

My point has NOTHING to do with winning and losing.

My point was simply: the refs sent a message that kickoffs could get rough. Calgary took that message and delivered.

As far as crying goes . . . it seems that you are the one shedding tears.

S-U-C-K it up princess. If Queen Burris can, so can you.

Likely not as much as you'll be cyring after all the trash talk about a Stumps...I mean Stamps sweep...
Fact is, the play we are talking about should have been a 15 no-yards + a 15 rough play, or a disqualification. Browner is the new "dirtiest player" in the league and something needs to be done, Last time the Riders played the Stumps, it was again Browner on Heard and at that time, he did seriously injure Heard. And yes, the Stumps were way inside the 5 yards on a few plays--no call. The 5 yards is there to protect players. If the refs don't call it, then people will get injured.

From what I have seen this year, it seems that they throw the no yards flag like candy when it is a post bounce 5 yard penalty but seem to keep their flag in their pocket if it is going to be a 15 yard penalty.

Yeah those calls should have been obvious to the ref. It’s about the easiest call you can make when you’re standing right in front of the play.

The fact that he clearly disregarded the 5-yard radius should have resulted in an additional 15-yard roughing penalty, at least.

I remember when Kyries Hebert was playing for the Renegades, he did basically the same thing to Craig Yeast when he was trying to field a punt, but totally flattened him. Hebert was disqualified, and 40 yards were marched off against Ottawa (15 for no yards, 25 for the disqualification.) The next day Joe Paopao even called Greg Marshall to apologize.

If Browner's hit were helmet-to-helmet, I think there would have been a disqualification and the first test of the new suspension rule. I guess the officials saw it as a clean hit. But when you watch the replay, he seems to stop after fighting off the block, as if he realizes he's within the zone, but once he realizes he can't get out in time he charges towards Heard before the ball is caught, hitting him immediately after. That disregard for the no-yards radius should result in an additional 15 being tacked on.

I guess the officials saw it differently. :roll:

At least nobody was hurt during those plays, a facemask on a punt return in the previous matchup by Browner on Heard pulled his hamstring and forced him to miss a number of games. It's all on the officials IMO, if they fail to penalize someone for the no yards they provoke this type of thing.

I agree completely! I was thinking the same thing at the time. But that still doesn’t take browner off the hook for another dirty hit.

Gotta agree, it all falls back on the reffing losing control of things again. That ejection of Armour way back when, seems to have the officials "walking on eggshells" and afraid to make the tough calls (ejections) in the game.

Zbest, did you work for Sadam Hussein's propoganda department? How about North Korea's? You're like a pitbull of hate and you spin and spin and spin stories until I think you believe them yourself.

The Riders fans were now attacked by ravenous BC Lions football players and they were just defending themselves with beercans.

Soon it will be Browner came down the field like a savage barbarian with a mace and clubbed Heard on the head and then attacked the Riders bench.

You truly sicken me.

Lets stay on topic here!

I went back and watch the replay several times. Browner came to a stop on the 41 yard line while being blocked by the Rider defender. I think he thought that Heard had caught the ball at that point and then sidestepped the Rider blocker, took two strides and tackled Heard. He was well within 5 yards. No arguement here. The helmet was close to Heard's chin but hit him squarely on the shouldner pad.

There was nothing intentional or dangerous about the play whatsoever. If he wated to head hunt a guy he would have done it full speed and not have stopped at the 41. He also would hit him higher up not on the shoulder pads.

Trust me, I am no Browner fan or Stumps fans but making a fuss about this hit is the same old crap circle we go round and round with zbest. He makes things up and starts writing ficticous letters to Mark Cohon getting everyone riled up.

Wow I actually agree with you mervin. Its not something that warrants a suspension, possibly warrants an additional 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike but I think that would be about it. It was a bad play on Browners behalf, but it seems like that is typically how he tends to play.