Brothers in the NFL

My pick is the Sharpes, but i’m a big GB and Broncos fan.

Peyton and Eli... Eli may not be the best as the season wears on, but Peyton more than makes up for that.

Sharpe's were definatley the cockiest. lol

The Mannings may well end up as the best brothers when all is said even if Eli only lasts a few years in the league.

I picked the Sharpes

Peytons amazing. Eli's average

Sharpes were the funniest, cockiest. But Peyton is too good on his own not to be in the best duo.

You've missed some good ones, esp where one brother is much better than the other.

Terry and Craig Bradshaw
Walter and Eddie Payton
Gene and Marvin Upshaw

These are just a few of them.

Eddie Payton played in the NFL? I knew he played college ball, but I didnt know he was in the NFL.

5 years NFL. Best year was 1980 with just under 1200 yards in kick returns.

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Also two games for the Argos

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Sweet, thanks man.