brother could you spare a running back

last week we had a glut of running backs. now this week's game features tre smith and john williams in the backfield. Jesse not ready, Caully sore knee and now Kieth with a virus of some sorts reported chch sports thursday night

8) According to Marcel on CH sports tonight, he confirmed that Jesse will not play Sat. Also not playing will be Caulley, and Kenton Keith is very doubtfull with a suspected stomach virus !!
  Looks like the starting backfield according to reports will be Tre Smith and John Williams  !!

  Boy, just a few days ago we had running backs coming out of our ears, and now look at the situation  !!!

Is this for real or is this a way of evaluating the remaining talent without "benching" Lumsden, Caulley and Keith?

8) I kind of doubt that in Keith's situation. With the money he is getting paid, he should be playing every remaining game.. I am ticked off with him not playing, because I really wanted to see him in action, as I am sure most fans do !!
  Caulley apparently does have a knee problem, and Marcel did not sound too optimistic about Jesse even playing again this year  !!      He said he hopes that Jesse can see some action again before the season is over .        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Give KK some "Immodium" if it doesn't least the "Als" won't be too keen to get too close... :lol:

8) yep, that otta fix KK up by Sat. Woody !!! :lol:

Ok i`m usually the most optomistic fan that the Ticats have , BUT , why does this stuff ALWAYS seem to happen here ??

 Why is Keith already a no go when it`s Thursday and the game isnt till Saturday afternoon ??? How the hell do they know he wont feel better tomorrow ?? We`ve all had the flu or some variation of it in our time and sometimes it`s a few days and sometimes it`s  more . It ALWAYS seems that when the team isnt going well the players opt out of games when if we had a better record the players would be playing . 

The team sends me a letter and tells me they are still trying to win games and improve the damn team , well you know what ?? i dont think your trying hard enough , and I also think that if some of these guys dont want to play give them a ticket out of town and lets try some other players who will play thru some pain and some illnesses . I know Montreal will have all their stars on Saturday and ours will be on the sidelines !!!!

According to the "CFL Hash Marks" report on, Terry Caulley is done for the season:

"The Ticats place import RB Terry Cauley on 9-game injured list, ending his season. - TSN"

I have to agree, habman,

This seems a little ridiculous. I wonder if the Cats were a legitimate threat for a playoff spot would players that are on injured list be ready to go? I believe that Caulley has a bad knee, but KK having a stomach virus. I mean it is Thursday, he could still be ready to go on Saturday. What about Lumsden is he still injured or just doesnt want to play and does that mean Printers wont be able to go too. You`d think that these guys would like to play and showcase their skills for next year. Although, Lumsden and Printers could be gone.

8) According to the Spec this morning, Obie says he fully expects Printers to return next season to battle it out with Porter for the # 1 job !!!
 I agree with bringing Printers back again, just to see how he can perform with a half decent O Line in front of him  !!

As well as Kenton's health, another factor is that
he has only had 5 practices to work in our Offence

2 of them practicing this week's game plan.


If there is a bright side to this it is that

publicity about Kenton Keith being sick
will complicate Montreal's game preparation

and will create an advantage to us if Kenton
feels healthy enough to play on Saturday.

8) Well, I guess this team needs all the advantages it can get. However I don't really think that Montreals game plan will will need to be too complicated even if KK does play !!!
  I will question your reasoning Ron, that KK has not had enough practices with this team to be able to fit in and play.  The guy has played in this league before, and was coached by Marcel, so this offence here can't be too complicated for him to pick up  !!

  Remember the old days, back in the 70's and 80's when we would bring running backs in here from the NFL cuts after Labour Day, and they would dress and start the very next game, and those were guys that had no previous CFL experience at all  !!!

I dont understand how Jese is not ready he practiced all week coming up to last game and then sat as well as practiced all week this week, also i have a buddy who works for the cats and says jesse is just fine, so I hate to say this but i think jesse is not playing because there is a trade in the works, not because of his health.

On the positive side the Cats have enough depth to go 4 deep at running back. Tre Smith is capable to be a starter on another CFL team.
The Cats can play their fourth string RB and still have a viable starter. Even at quarterback we are 3 deep.
It's too bad the rest of the offence is deep in the hole

His injury problems aside it would be just like the Tiger Cats to trade their most marketable player wouldnt it ??

8) Or the answer is that Jesse's shoulder is a lot worse than anyone is admitting !!
  Marcel admitted last night that the shoulder is still not ready to take the physical pounding during a game.  He also admitted that Jesse may not play again this year, because of this injury  !!

 I imagine that the real truth regarding Jesse's status will be revealed sooner, than later  !!


Give me a break. If Jesse was healthy enough to play he would. There is no way a professional football team would sit it's star player if he was healthy and able to play.

A buddy who says he's fine....give me a break.

No Kenton Keith?


I feel another bonehead trade coming on . :oops:

his shoulder is good enough to play golf...