Brooks of the BC Lions is a joke

When this asshat played the Riders many fans not just rider fans thought that three roughing calls in the game by Mr Brooks was suspect one being questionably a dirty hit. Now Mr Brooks is crying in Vancouver in the Sun paper that P Lavertu was trying to purposely injure him while he was piled on by a couple of other players as well. He was injured in the play. Well it appears there are lots of dirty plays in a game many do not even get called by the refs but what ticks me off is many players that are victims do not run to the news paper and crying like a baby like Brooks is doing.
Roy Finch of the Stampeders almost had his ripped off his head by a face mask and do you see the guy in the paper with a crying towel. The Vancouver sun article even shows the picture of this and again there was no call on this play but it happens. Roy Finch did not sit and cry about it.

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What pissed me off is he did what appeared to be a pretty darned intentional leg kick on that play....the announcers even commented on it and stated he was lucky not to get a penalty....then he gets up and looked like he threatened someone up and was pointing at them...he got rolled up on but that sure seemed to be contact based on the play...his in the Rider game was questionably all him

Karma is a what?

And yeah....that is a nasty facemask....quickly gaining a name as a dirty player

He'll get suspended if he keeps going down the path he's chosen. And it is laughable that he's complaining about a dirty play when he's probably been the cause of more of them than anyone else this season.

Big ups to the Calgary OLinemen for taking care of business. Notice how the Stamps handled Brooks in comparison to the Riders who did absolutely nothing about him taking out their franchise QB. As I explained previously, this is precisely how you deal with a cheap shot puss like Brooks.

This kind of "street justice" happens all the time in football, my friends. You'll rarely hear about it though, because most guys like Brooks just take their beating and STFU instead of crying to the media.

Notice how a true pro like Durant doesn't whine about the dirty hit he took from Brooks.

I agree if he hands it out he must accept it when it happens to him. Brooks is one of the dirties players in the league and has no right to complain.