Bronfman Asking QC Gov. for Financial Help for New Ballpark

Tell yourself what ever lets you sleep at night. Now back the new stadium

Those are facts from statistics Canada from the federal government . It's well known for years it's not like breaking news .
Been reported many times over .

I don't back baseball stadiums for millionaire baseball players and I sleep great knowing that .

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Ill try one more time
Are you under the impression that Alberta sends a cheque to Quebec?

Alberta does not send money to Quebec!

Not directly but thru transfer payments that's where they end up along with other provinces .

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Yes you are right but that is irrelevant to the topic. It doesn't stop Quebec from financially helping Bronfman. You are way off topic.
Quebec doesn't have money for capital projects, the province doesn't give or loan money to Bronfman. It's about the province borrowing/loaning, whatever you want to call it from the banks, it would work just like a mortgage. Quebec would be the borrower and it would be paid back thru payments from Bronfman. The banks arrange a 30 year mortgage, Bronfman pays Quebec $30 Million a year of 30 years.
Doesn't cost the province, the province receives tax revenue, the city receives property tax payments plus revenue from the fans in the stands.

I am countering an opinion presented . I followed the thread with how is it funded .

If your getting funding for public services from the feds thru equalization payments then it is relevant to me .

Maybe not if your living in Florida . Jealous :grinning:

30 year mortgages on stadiums that will need to be fixed in 10 for potential owners who don't have a team should be on the back burner right now .

You think Bronfman plans to cover the maintenance payments of that loan?
Seriously? If he did he would put up the money himself because downtown real estate that size would be worth crazy money 30 years from now.

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I have an idea. Gift him the Big O :slight_smile:


Formula 1 is asking the 3 levels of government for $6 million to cover the promoter's expenses for a Grand Prix with no spectators. No response as yet.

And I didn't realize they already fork out $18.7 million.

Sure. let's give them 6 million extra and lose 100 percent of the economic benefits. Government is going to tell them go go pound sand.

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What's the point with no fans in the stands??
Formula 1 is one event where fans will fly across the Atlantic from the UK and Europe to watch the race. They stay in hotels, buy food and drinks and contribute to the host economy.
I don't see any advantage at all about racing with no fans in the stands.

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Advantage for whom? F1 or Montreal? F1 wants tickets sales....Montreal wants the tourism

This reporter sees Montreal as a possibility for the Oakland A's to relocate. I'll believe it when I see it!

Me too Johnny.
Do not think MLB would allow them to move to the East over Portland or LV.

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With construction costs starting to skyrocket, I can only imagine what a Montreal ballpark, if/when, will end up costing.

I went to the first game last year at the new Atlanta Braves spring training stadium in North Port. $140 Million for a 6,200 seat stadium, and I would imagine building costs in Montreal with the unions having to be involved etc would be huge for a 30k seat stadium.
Wikipedia is wrong - the opening game was March 2020 not 2019

I only consider myself a casual baseball fan but in 2019 was at Fenway Park, which is the oldest MLB ballpark and frankly looks it. But somehow, whether it was the history or the fans, there was a great atmosphere to it.

All to say I don't think a Montreal ballpark has to be state of the art, as long as a Jarry Park like atmosphere can be created.

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I think it does need a roof over the majority of the stands of some sort .

If the Quebec government can spend $500 MILLION on an arena hoping for an NHL franchise, then they will probably finance most of the MLB park.
Landing an MLB team in Montreal is more of a sure thing than an NHL team in QC.
At least it would get a lot of use - over 80 regular season games plus 10 Als games
And this time around they would have things like "naming rights" "private boxes"
BMO Park? SNC Lavalin field?

Is there a park in NA that still combines football and baseball now that the Raiders have moved?