Bronfman Asking QC Gov. for Financial Help for New Ballpark

Bronfman certainly has (base)balls to do this in our current economic climate. They are calling it a "complexe sportif et communautaire", so not certain if they are open to sharing it with the Alouettes.

What to me would be totally ridiculous is a split season with Tampa Bay.

Estimated in 2013 @ $500M
You could just about double that now! :eyes:

Personally, I would love to see it, Old school Expos fan here!

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If funding is approved, I can't see the end game being a part season.

They'll be doing 'their part' for the Rays plan and if there is no stadium solution in Tampa Bay, it will be a full time move. Rays have 7 years left in their lease this season inclusive.

It's Quebec, they will probably get the financial help. How much did the Quebec government put into that NHL arena in QC? how is the Quebec NHL team doing?
I did read somewhere that the baseball stadium could be shared with the Als. If the Rays play half their home games in Montreal there will be more dates open for the Als.

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Bronfman and company have no shame! Old man Bronfman is worth 3 billion US, but his son wants taxpayer money to help him buy his big toy. Totally disgusting request.

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You don't have to think too long who's financing Coderre's run for mayor.

That investment company is worth 3.2 billion but The Bronfman family Trust is worth a lot more than 3.2 billion, probably closer to 50 billion. I know who handled their account at one of the Big banks and they were depositing 2 million a day and there was a team of 3 working 24 hours a day in shifts just playing the currency exchange market and moving the money around, they did that for decades and I was told they had similar arrangements with all major Canadian banks. They made millions and eventually billions a year for the last 150 years.

Quebec taxpayers already footing the bill for a half a billion dollar building sitting empty for going on what 8,10 years now.

These people are Vampires.

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I ll take the downtown Peel location any day over the cement bowl in the east end!


How much money did Quebec put into the Arena in QC...The Hockey arena in Laval...The Bell center?

All of those investments were wrong in my opinion; especially the one in Quebec City. The investment in Quebec City was an attempt by the Liberal party to get more votes in the region. They blatantly used taxpayer money to buy votes. It was a bad project.

When I got sick about 4 years ago, it took me 6 whole months before I could see a specialist medical Doctor. 6 months of waiting by the phone getting sicker, waiting for help I badly needed. The health system needs to be better financed (it also needs to be improved management wise). I would gladly take more healthcare against financing a billionnaire's vanity project.

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Bronffman could probably get a fiananced bank loan for 3% governments don't have money but they are in a better position to get a bank loan (mortgage) probably 1%. or 35 years
A billion dollar stadium with Bronffman putting up $100 MILLION, the government backed bank loan at $900 MILLION -
Would be like a mortgage - Bronffman pays the government (the mortage to the bank ) $25 MILLION a year over 35 years. That's how mortgages work, the bank will finance it backed by the Quebec government and Bronffman pays the mortgage.
The Quebec government doesn't really get anything or pays out anything, they would get property tax and a possible percentage of ticket sales tax.

Is this translation correct?

...continuance of large public subsidies cannot be justified...

Crazy stuff... A week ago Legault was begging the Federal government for extra funding for healthcare. A week later he's cool throwing half a billion at a billionaire.

They are so full of shiat...


I just wrote to Fitzgibbon's office voicing my opposition. I hope many will do the same.

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Maybe he can justify the stadium by demonstrating the income tax spin-offs, the property tax payments, the payback by Bronfman. The government wouldn't be handing over cash, they don't have cash, governments need financing for capital projects, they would have to go to the banks and secure a loan for Bronffman.
Don't know how much the Als have to pay at Molson stadium but if they move to the new baseball stadium that would be another reason to build a stadium.


Mine as well...but IMO the difference is the ones I mentioned are hockey....they won't say no to hockey. Baseball is another story

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Oh great!
There is a article about it in the Calgary Herald.

Now we get to listen to how Alberta is the one who is actually paying for it

They aren't wrong. Transfer payments are very lopsided in this country and now that Trudeau has destroyed Alberta's economy they have their handout like Quebec does. We'll see how generous Quebecers are now that they have to give more than they get.


I dont want to take this of topic....but yes they are wrong....Alberta does not send a penny to Quebec and never did

Your kidding right .

The money is sent to Ottawa as part of net federal fiscal transfers — basically the residents of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario pay more in federal taxes than they get back in federal programs and transfers — they are net positive contributors to the federal finances. And in Alberta’s case it has been doing that for a lot of years.

Other provinces are net negative contributors — they get more back in federal programs and transfers than they give in taxes. In Quebec’s case its net negative contributor was minus $171.3 billion from 2007-2018.

The Statistics Canada numbers also show Quebec benefitted most from the equalization program, raking in $107.5 billion. The program shuffles federal tax dollars to provinces with less money so all Canadians have comparable public services at comparable taxation levels.

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