>> Broken >>

Uhm .. it would appear - whatever changed on the front page of the cfl.ca site now breaks the menu system for some versions of firefox ... (im going to assume its the unnesisary touchdown atlantic advertisement that pops up) ...

Also - why the hell is this website running on a RedHat box - when its sponsored by one of its competitor's, Sun? Did the admins finally adhere to my advice in regards to the garbage that is Solaris? Not that I am any more of a fan of RedHat either ... but ... just curious ...


Is that you Ziffle, screwing around with the operating program....
I knew it, Ziffle and his Electrical Engineer buddy's..are holding true on Ziffle's promise..
Hit the CFL forum with viruses, didn't think they had the Brains...guess I was wrong..


I agree the stupid Touchdown altlantic thing is more negative then positive. There is a reason they don't put crying babies in car ads. They just don't sell much. Same thing here. Annoying = bad.


You can't really be confused about the connection.

Without RedHat, there'd be no MRX Associates.

That touchdown atlantic ad pops up backwards for me, so instead of reading touchdown atlantic it say citnalta nwodhcuot.

Its supposed to flip around a couple times. It probly just freezes or something on your computer. Its fine on my computer I'm having no problems with it. But it is annoying, I agree. All ads that do that bug me.

No tickets on sale now came up straight and I was able to close the ad but everything else was backwards.

oh, well then.........

Huh? MRX? I am confused ... could you explain to me ?

I just figured since the site was sponsored by Sun... and that the site used to run on Solaris ... Why it runs on Redhat now ... ?


Check the bottom of the page: MRX Associates designed, developed, and maintains this site.
Bob Young is Mr. X.
MRX Associates is one of his companies.
He made his fortune as owner of RedHat.

He doesn't own RedHat any more, but I have to assume he's still loyal to the brand.

no kidding. neat. Heh - I appreciate the info ...

Still, hilarious to me that Solaris isn't even doing the webhosting for the CFL ... Heh ..