Broken Trust

Three years ago when Mr. Young saved the franchise, he promised to field a competitive team that the fans of Hamilton could support and be proud of. He asked for the community to become a partner in creating a championship atmosphere. The fans have certainly done their part and to a point so had Mr. Young. But now there needs to be something done to let the fans know that management is as upset with this season as they are. Firing Coach Marshall was a gesture to placate a loud minority of upset fans, and was understandable at the time, although the team was far more competitive in its first four games than it is right now. Something needs to be done, not just said, in order to rebuild the trust between the team and the community. While Mr. Young is a very busy man, his silence speaks volumes regarding the team. Coach Lancaster has lost the team, and as a lame duck coach can't crack the whip to inspire hard play. The GM has already ruled out an airlift, so there is no incentive for players to perform since their jobs are relatively safe for this year. Please Mr. Young, let us know what you plan to do to fix the debacle that is Tiger-Cat football. The fans have supported a lousy product, they deserve better than they are getting at the moment.

Dig around. Young did make a statement after the last game and it was reposted in these forums.