Broken records

Just wondering what everyone thinks. There seems to be so many CFL records broken this year, why?

Jon Cornish probably wouldnt have broken Normie Kwongs record had he not ran for 170 yards against us in Hamilton this year.
If I remember correctly we did ok keeping Chad Owens in check this year so he probably would have gotten his no matter what.
J.C Sherrit I didnt really keep track of so Im unsure.
Chris Williams could have added one more kick return touchdown to add to his record(s) this year had he not tried to run backwards into to the
It just seems like there have been alot of new records set this year which made for a great season.

Sorry but...the Ticats did NOT make the play-offs. was NOT a great season. :frowning:

Kept Owens in check?

He is the reason we lost at the end of the game on Labour Day..

Main reason Jon Cornish broke Normie Kwong's record is because he played in 18 games which is 3 more that Kwong had played when he set the mark in 15 games. Other reasons such as the era are discussed here:

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