Broken Promise

I have taken a lot of criticism for leaving Regina. I would like it to stop. A big reason I left was the immaturity of the fans, I mean Rider Fans are supportive but it’s the bad apples that ruined the bunch. Example; look at what they did to Paul after he missed a kick. There is no excuse for what was done. Mistakes are made.

Think about this; really think. If you made a mistake at your job can someone do the same to you? You have never made a mistake? I doubt it. We are all human



lol, troll

It will stop if you stop trolling.

ya right burris....thats why you kept saying after the year was over you wanted to resign soooo bad in regina?

your full of crap, im glad your gone, the riders saved A LOT of $$$ which your not even worth, and you dont know how much better it is for the team, both wanting to get after the cup more, fired up more, and nealon has heart, something you lack.

watch how you will fail miserably in calgary, GO RIDERS!!!!!!


Your not Henry Burris. The real Henry Burris is busy right now looking over his shoulder. Your just another idiot trying to start a fight.

This isn't Burris, the real Burris is laughing at Sask right now...

Immaturity of the fans? The actions of a few morons dictates the maturity level of the Rider fans? You made a mistake, again, deal with it. Your selfish character destroys team chemistry, I'm glad you're gone. This is going to be the best season ever(maybe not so good for you though). Keep on smilin' because that's all you've got.

SMILIN BANK...what more do i have to say?? You said that you wouldnt leave untill you won the cup...A man's word is EVERYTHING...and you broke that, and thats why noone has any respect for you anymore...At least with Nealon, hes a class act and he DESERVES to be the starter ANYWHERE, and isnt a greedy selfish man like yourself...I'm so glad that you are gone...we barely made .500 with you as starter and you think that you can do better with the Stamps? AHAHA...Wont you ever be pissed when OUR GREEN RIDERS WIN the GREY CUP and Calgary finishes DEAD LAST...AGAIN...See you on June 7th in Calgary...I will be there with my SMILIN BANK shirt on cheering the GREENE RIDERS to an EASY victory...

Hanks gone oh well .I don't think he was the Rider's savior .When Greene went down last year I thought the season was over. Hank made to many mental errors sliding when you are short of the first is a big one .Rumor was that his wife wasn't happy in Sask, so if she wasn't then it's time to move on.As for his success in Calgary I don't think he has the same quality of team around him , only time will tell .We have two quality Q.B 'S AND A GOOD TEAM .Theyhave jelled together and can only get better.

You know, I think that "henryburris" is really ftcoffee, he has a secret passion for Henry Burris. He is a Ti-Cats fan who can not stop posting about Burris and always tries to get Rider fans going. Just ignore him as he is not worth the time or energy.


hahaha this is funny. Not too long ago, Matt Dominguez came to my school talked to us about drugs alchohal and stuffl ike that. At the end he was answering questions and one person put up his hand and asked, is henry burris still your friend?? Hah and Dominguez answers: " Ya Ya of course he's my friend, its just that while the Riders go and win the Grey Cup, He'll be sitting on his couch watching us!" haha man has dominguez ever lied?? NOPE!

By the way, Burris is going to have a hell of a time staying in the pocket in Calgary muahaha. Look at their pitiful O-Line, that is why crandell and all the calgary qb's never had a chance to perform. They have no protection whatsover!! As for the riders, i think we'll be fine as long as we fix our safety up, middle linebacker, those two spots on the o-line, and Lasty Nealon has to read the defense. That is all we need to be like a perfect team! Oh and don't forget our d has to stop those second and longs!!

Travis S

Trav, Matt just lied to you by saying they will be in the Grey Cup even before the season starts. Before you look at the Stampeder players watching the Grey cup and you grave concerns for their team, Matt and yourself should be looking at the problems your Riders will have to get to that stage. Your team did well in the last half of the season with that guy that lied at the helm. He was in his groove and hit the receivers well. However, this coming season Kneelon who has not played for a year will take time to also be in this situation. If in fact the knee he injured stands up. He will also have in his mind to protect that knee. Your team is lacking one thing a QB that can get the job done. Go ahead be bold and say you will be in the GC. This has happened to Rider Fans for many years. And hoepfully the time will come for you guys. But do not bet the farm on this one. For Matt to make a statement like that was only to appease the audience. What was he to say? Again do not worry for the Stamps worry for your own team.

Hah i wasn't worrying about the stamps my friend, i was mainly pointing out things about henry burris, but who cares, fighting is useless! I just really think that calgary stands no chance this year, maybe a few years down the road but they need some new talent. Anyway, we will let the boys show who is better on the field. By The way your statement was pretty well said, congrats. :wink:

redwhite this time it wasn’t nealons knee it was his leg, he broke it, had nothing to do with his knees, although they have been a problem earlier. Most people can easily come back from broken bones, as long as they are set properly, and it has been almost a year and I think his leg will be fine. He has played in a Senior Mens Bball league all winter here in saskatoon and that hasn’t done anything, so I figure the leg is fine, unless he gets some wierd hit to it, but that can happen to anyone.

The real Henry Burris doesn't have the backbone to talk to the Rider fans.

Hello Billy, Yes you are correct but what I am saying once you have had a major knee injury you compensate for that injury by doing things you wouldn,t have before the injury. A leg break heals but knees are always prone to injury especially when they have been damaged. I believe this will weigh heavily on his mind just as it does D Dickenson who has been prone to injury since leaving to go to the NFL. I hope that Nealon will play to the best of his abilities and do not wish for him to get hurt. The possiblity is there though. Knee injuries do effect your performance.

Take Care

Nice seeing you on the new site

Thanks Trav for your statment


The thing is that he had his knee surgury years ago, then he lead all QB's in total rushing years 2 years ago. That makes me think that his knees will be just fine.


That is true also but again his break last year in the Stamps game came from him trying to protect his knee and I believe this was the cause of his broken leg.

Unfortunately, I must disagree. The Riders first game last season was against the Argos and he was caught on his blind side. It was a clean hit around the midsection and his leg was swung into another player. You can't protect against something if you don't see it coming.


Saw an interview with Nealon a little while back, and apparently this leg break was his first ever injury coming from an actual hit (other then the obvious bumps and bruises) all his knee injuries happened in the open field. He said he was 100% confident in his knee before that hit, and he isn't worried about his knee right now. I don't know how much this is true, coming from experience, I have had my knee reconstructed and I am not 100% confident in my knee, and doubt I will ever be. That being said he trains a hell of a lot more then I ever have or will, and He would not be the first person to come back after a knee a few knee injuries and do well.
He said that though he is not really scared about his leg being hit, he is anxious to get that first hit, and know that it will be fine so he can erase it out of his mind.