Broken auto-avatar maker

looking into this.

what happened to my missing whatchamacallit at the top right

now I cant tell if I am logged in until I try to post

what do you mean?

at the top right where it always has my F in a circle, it is now blank

He lost his thingamajig. His whatmacallit. His talliwacker. His spudbadillacutty.


huh? your avatar? i don't see how that could have disappeared. that's automatic.

beats me. I will try to close and open the tab again.

didnt change anything.

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it's not you. i see what you mean. it's the auto avatar generator, it appears to be broken or not working properly. it's not showing up on your user card or profile, either and i looked at your settings and tried to reset to no avail. thank you for bringing this to my attention. i will look into this. in the meantime you should be able to upload in image to use.

i am moving this topic to the help desk.

I should say that I can still click there and it works as if the avatar is still there.

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Are you serious ? Get the F back here now !!!


yea i saw that too. it's the avatar generator. it's only working for some people.

haha well played.


:slight_smile: was expecting such a post



I'm giving that response 5 bananas. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

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lol you pirates are as bad as i am with the thread-jacking


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@FootbalYouBet can you change your theme and let me know if it is still happening?

you can change your theme from the drop down hamburger menu beside the avatar menu. you can always change back to the one you like but i am curious if it affects the same user across themes. try one of the football themes if you haven't already.

That dagnabbit bojack wrecked your dootamuhsquatter, so all's gonna go bat-guano cray-cray any minute now!

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You're getting too technical for the rest of us Paolo. Can you dumb it down a bit?

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