Brohom in Goltz out

Nice pick up for the Bombers rounding out the new stable of QBs.
last years regime chose Clement over Brohom basically leaving Austin with the guy he wanted as the Bombers dropped him from the neg list after signing Clement.

The new regime has gotten the right guy now but has cost them a draft pick but have gained a well expereinced pro QB with good resume and a season under his belt practicing in Hamilton.

Goltz will be off to the Arena League is he so wants to continue his football career. Great Wild cat QB but his DIII back ground and lack of PT over the 3 years as the Bombers number 4 PR QB he just was not good enough.

Brohm impressed Austin enough last year to stick around on the IR all year long. If healthy, he may be a contender for #1 in Winnipeg. He has excellent size and has been in pro ball a while.

To me, this trade means Walters has little faith in Max Hall.

Maybe, or maybe he wants to upgrade all the talent across the board and let the guys fight it out over who gets to play. Max Hall was forced into action last year because he was the best of what they had, and he had bad coaching trying to teach him the CFL game in Crowton and no leadership in Burke as his HC. He said himself he was still trying to learn and figure things out. What you've seen is the Walters completely retool the QB position with Willy, Brohm and dump Boltus and Goltz who showed they weren't ready to make this football team better. Hall I believe will still be brought back to compete in camp unless he decides to hand it up once again. Walters has said he expects Hall and Brohm to compete against each other.

Well, he won’t be alone. From what I saw last season, I wouldn’t have much faith in Hall either. I sure did not see much if any potential there.

Good trade for you guys....I guess?,Brohm didn't see the field last year,so it's hard to say how good he is.He did play some in the NFL much like good ole Maxie Hall did,my take on it right now is that Brohm probably has more upside than Hall right now and there has to be a reason that Austin kept him around all last year,he obviously saw some potential in him,and apparently Danny Mac liked what he saw of him while here last year as well.Hopefully he works out well for you guys and maybe becomes a nice one two punch teamed up with Willy at QB this season,Lord knows after suffering through a season of the "Curley,Larry &Moe Show like you's did last year,ANYTHING would be an improvement.Watching from afar,it seems like the B.B's were slow off the mark this off season,but are now slowly moving in the right direction....Just remember Rome wasn't built in a steps,my friends,baby steps....slow and steady wins the race....IMO with some luck,this year,you might just surprise and challenge for a play-off spot in the West.Saskatchewan is now paying for their one and done BOUGHT "n" PAID FOR
Once in a Life-Time Championship with defections all over the place,the Lions seem to be in total dissaray,and are also having defections in what seems to be a rebuilding year out on the coast,A few injuries to QB or RB and the Stamps are in trouble and well that leaves the Eskimos who have a complete mental midget as a GM running things over there and look to be a total train wreck again this season. :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Brohm was on the 9 game as the a 4th QB not because he was injured. We did not get to see him last season but Austin, McCmanus both did in practice everyday so they know how good he is.


which group would you be more confident with going into training camp?

I'm still not sure Goltz was given enough of a chance, especially when we were looking for a quick fix superstar. Some stars need a little bit longer to start shining.

I don't necessarily agree there Dan. You guys had Goltz for like three years and he never showed much of anything. Sure, there were extenuating circumstances, from schemes to personnel to coaching, but even given that I never saw anything in him that made me think he might develop into even a mediocre quarterback. To me he's the same as Boltus, and I'd even rate Hall ahead of him, not that I think much of Hall. Your hopes for this season at the qb spot rest with Willy and Brohm.

Goltz was with the Bombers as the 4th QB for much of the 2010-2012 seasons. So he was with the Bombers for a while and this was his chance. Many QBS is his situation often never get a chance to get off the PR or 9 game IR. During his time he also dressed as the number 3 QB for many games with Pierce on the IR so much

Maybe I'm just more patient. He's gone so we'll never know.

When it comes to QBs, patience is a virtue not commonly practiced these days. The cost of losing is too great and there are new QBs coming on the market every year. As a result fewer teams will invest enough time in a QB and allow them to work through the growing pains.

Yea, it's too bad. They expect these guys to run before they walk.

Goltz was very good and very exciting in running that Wldcat package especially in the redzone early on. Like Lefevour in Hamilton it was exciting and it worked.
If another new OC is looking to put such a package in Goltz could get picked up but there will be other such QBs out there that will be able to do it.
The Bombers of anyteam for that matter could carry 4 QBs with Goltz being the 3rd to dress each game for that package. the real number three could take a roster spot and be a pre game scratch or carry on the one game IR.
A role that Goltz may not want to accept right now but one that another QB with that skill set who may be more than happy to do so.