Brohms TD

I know this is a mute point now, but if you look at the replay of his TD, (it is on TSN website) the QB was down by contact on the 1 yard line before the ball broke the plain of the goal line. I am not sure as well if the ball ever broke the plain of the goal line but for sure when I ran the video 1:22 minute mark of it you can see his knees down. I know we didn't challenge it because the CFL command center is suppose to review it. If they did, they got it wrong except to give the home team something to cheer about during this debacle. :cowboy:

I also thought that in the Collaros fumble which Ticats recovered, he was down by contact prior to the ball coming out. Again it had no impact in the outcome, the Cats did lose yards. As I have mentioned before, I would like to see a replay of the fumble. There may have been one, but it was from a night view camera so not much detail was seen.

Matt Dunnigan was having a great time on that play obviously:

"They are getting closer. This game isn't over yet. Anything can happen in the CFL" LOL

Yes, Brohm's knee touched down on about the 2 yard line and the ball was at least a yard away from the goal line when it was called a TD. A screen capture in the Kiss the Witches thread confirms it.

I think this situation needs to be kept alive and addressed as it's a serious error and dereliction of duty on behalf of the replay booth.

It's supposed to be the final fair, honest and neutral arbiter of on-field events and such an obvious screw up does not look good for the replay process. If they can't get it right with such a clear-cut replay, how can any of their other decisions be taken seriously?

The League better address this as the next time such a blatant irresponsible error occurs it could have serious consequences. It didn't affect the outcome of the game this time but could cost a team a win and possibly someone their job if it occurs again.

Someone needs to seriously and publicly have their hands slapped!

Looks terrible that the new Commish and Glenn Johnson haven not commented on it.

TSN must be trying to gloss over the blown call on the Brohm non-TD.

I’ve submitted a comment in 2 separate TSN articles re the Bomber-TiCat game ( and and neither one, as I post this, was approved by the moderators (being a moderated site). Content was the same except for direct reference to Chris Shultz in his article and I see nothing offensive in the content. More “derogatory” or insulting comments passed muster.

"[i]Chris, what is your thought (or did you know about) the completely blown call by the replay booth on the Brohm TD.

Replay shows Brohm’s knee touched down at about the 2 yard line with the ball still at the 1, no where near breaking the plane of the goal line. How could the booth miss it as all scoring plays are supposed to be reviewed?

Did the ref blow play in before receiving confirmation of a TD or was the booth derelict and did not properly review the play to CONFIRM it was indeed a legitimate score?

It kind of blows the credibility and reliability of the replay review and answers should be forth coming from the League. It had no affect on this game’s outcome but what if they were game winning points?[/i]"

Scenarios… the League’s replay HQ blew the call and didn’t review it properly or fully, the ref blew the play in before hearing from the booth, TSN was guilty of not providing video replays in a timely manner for review or a bit of guilt on all parties.

A big question arises if the League doesn’t follow up on this incident. The officials (sometimes) and players (often) are called out and/or fined when they make a mistake (see recent Langa and Tracy fines) so why not the League (replay booth)?

I hope Caretaker doesn’t let this incident die or be glossed over as if it happens again, it could be game-deciding points and have a big (negative) impact on teams and players.