Brohm Traded To Bombers - 2015 Conditional Pick

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General Manager Kyle Walters announces today the club has acquired import quarterback Brian Brohm from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, in exchange for a conditional pick in the 2015 CFL Draft.

Brohm (6-3, 230, Louisville, September 25, 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky) spent his first CFL season in Hamilton in 2013, where he played in one preseason game, completing 5 of 10 passes for 110 yards before being injured. Brohm was placed on the nine-game injured list for the remainder of the season.

Previous to the 2013 campaign, Brohm spent time in the UFL and NFL, most recently with Las Vegas and Buffalo, respectively. He was originally drafted in the second-round, 54th overall in the 2008 NFL Draft by the Green Bay Packers, serving as the club’s third string quarterback that season. He made his first NFL start on December 27, 2009 for the Buffalo Bills, while also starting a game for the Bills in 2010.

Brohm played his college football at Louisville (2004-2007), and finished his time there with the second most passing yards in school history (10,775). He threw for 71 touchdowns over that span, which sits third all-time in Cardinals history. He led Louisville to their first-ever BCS bowl victory in 2007, winning the Orange Bowl against Wake Forest 24-13, and was named the game MVP. In that contest, Brohm ccompleted 24 of 34 passes for 311 yards, the third highest total in Orange Bowl history. He also ended the year as the 2nd Team All Big East Quarterback.

The Blue Bombers have also released import quarterback Justin Goltz.

What is a conditional pick ?

Typically means that the value of the pick ... Round 1 or 2 or 3 or so on ... will depend upon conditions set out in the trade agreement. Ie; If he makes the team, if he dresses, if he starts, how many games he dresses and/or how many games he starts ... so on and so on.

If he becomes the starter ... look for the value of that pick to be quite high ... Like Round 1 ... If he doesn't even make the team ... Round 7. Likelihood somewhere in between in reality.

Well that answer part of the QB situation question.
Austin imediately last season traded for Masoli and Singed Brohom as an FA. Later after NFL training camp he secured a 3rd QB he was interested in in Stephan McGee. Add the inherited Wildcat QB Lefevour and the signing of Collaros that probably brings the QB situation to have one more move left.
For Winnipeg a solid signing plenty of pro experience in Brohom and Spending a full season with Hamilton practicing this is the oppuritunity that Brohom has been looking for.

Excellent explanation , now I fully understand -------Thanks very much .

Brohm made an impression on Danny Mac in their time together here.

So the question now is does Austin go to camp with the 4 remaining Q.B's or does he bring in a 5th one,or perhaps move one more out,which might be LeFevour,being he is the only Q.B left from the pre Austin regime??? It's going to be interesting.The only thing that seems certain at this point is that barring injury,Collaro's will be #1. NO.'s #2/#3 and perhaps #4 on the depth chart remain to be seen at this stage of the game.I'm hoping it's Collaros,LeFevour,Masoli but McGee is the wild card in the scenario,as he is relatively unknown and yet to see any game action,and Austin must see something in this guy or he wouldn't have kept him around for 1/2 of the season on the I.L.

Brohm will come back to haunt us

(I just wanted to be the first to say it)

I will agree that Brohm may come back and be a good QB and beat the Cats but Austin was smart enough to know you need a lot of QBS around the roster somewhere. with Brohm they had 5 so someone had to go.
Good news is that conditional pick will probably be a high end pick with Brohm likley to be the #2 and over a 18 game schedule good chance that he will see the field due to injury.
McManus also knows you cannot have too many good QBs on the roster somewhere.


This is a bit funny.
Now we get a conditional pick for him

CFL News ?@CFL_News 1m
#Bombers worked out Brohm last spring but Joe Mack & Ken Moll weren't impressed and removed him from their neg list. via @PentonKirk

Yup. good teams have GMs, Scouting, and coaches who have a good eye for talent. They had Broom and Chase Clement come in and they chose Celement and let Brohm go of the neg list. Autin signed him in Hamilton the next day I think.
Bellidueille spent 2012 in the shortend UFL before the end but was able to get a look at Clement and Brohm.
Winnipeg staff seems to be on the same page. O’Shea was onboard wth the plan Bellifueille presented to him for the Bombers offense. In turn McManus consulting with the OC both liking Brohm and the aggresive Walters agreed