Brody McNight

Ummm excuse me... who the hell is that??? We gave Schiavone and a 1st and 4th round draft pick for some god damn kicker??? Is Tillman HIGH!?!?!? As if the Eskimos performance from last game made me want to throw up, I feel it starting to come up through my esophagus from reading this shit :x :thdn:

I'm really trying not to over react to what seems like the 2nd dumbest trade in history.
My initial reaction is to say this POS team will not receive one more fricking penny from me till that moron Tillman is fired.
Our O-line is awful on a good day and we give away next years 1st round draft for another kicker, what's that make it about 30 brought to town now?
Is Danny Maciocia still pulling the strings?

Backer@oldclarke I could use some of your positive energy

My first reaction when I read the headline on Facebook: "All we did was swap kickers; it's a total lateral move. WTH?"

My first reaction when I clicked the headline and read the article: "What the %$#& is going on in Edmonton?!?!?!"

I understand the injury to Dales, but why the hell did we allow Montreal to bend us over? I could understand McKnight for Schiavone. I could even understand McKnight for a first rounder since he was Montreal's first pick. But Schiavone, a first rounder, and a fourth rounder? I sure as hell hope Montreal at least included a bottle of lube with McKnight. :roll:

You know, I defended Tillman when we hired him. He had a proven track record, winning three Grey Cups with three dfiferent teams. And what he did with Saskatchewan was pretty impressive. However, his time in Edmonton has been one step forward, one step back.

Don't worry, we may get our 1st round pick back when he trades Stamps.

Posters over in the Al's forum said positive responses about McNight [given the chance]; Tillman is passing up on next years 1st draft pick and 4th round choice as the draft is not considered deep [benefit of doubt], thus in return receive Brody McNight. In that regard, Shaw will do the kick-off/FG duties. As for a directional/angle punters - O.K. for McNight.
Edit: Dales is gone for the season...

That's the calming influence I was looking for :smiley:

I still do not in any way think Shaw's punting was a big enough issue to give up our 1st round pick for.

I don't have an issue with McKnight. My issue is with giving up a decent player and two draft picks (one a first rounder) for a guy who hasn't even played in the CFL. Uneven trade.


Schiavone wasn't playing anyway, so now perhaps we'll get to see McNight punt? [not sure about Hamilton] against B.C at home and most importantly in Calgary; a game the Esks would/need to win.

There is no positive in this trade. Tillman got his rear end torn open with this trade without any lube... To hell with this. McNight better be the best god damn Punter and Kicker this league has ever seen. Pathetic.. Only in the CFL

Exactly and Eskimosrock comment :lol: :lol: Wow what is in the water in Edmonton as far as trades?

Here is a rumoured excerpt from the Board Room before they made this deal:

Coaching Staff: Well, we have to move on at kicker because there is too much on Shaw.
GM: Well, who do you want?
Coaching Staff: We're not sure yet. Let's look around and see who is available.
GM: There's that Brody character over I think in Montreal.
Coaching Staff: We'll, let's check him out.
GM: Ah, let's just get this done now.
Coaching: Okay, on tape he's looked good and he's had NFL tryouts.
GM: We'll make a trade and make it happen.
Owner: Okay Eric let's get it done.
GM: And you're damn right I'll get it done! We'll give them a few draft picks if we have to damnit! We need to get it done to get more butts in those seats and make the playoffs. We did that deal for Jyles after all, and I can get this one done up this week too!

WTF? :roll:

:lol: With trades like these, even Eskimosrock's comments are a calming influence. Or whisky of course.

What a cardiac team we have this year too. :cry:

[i] Esks acquire fullback from Hamilton Thursday 13 September 2012

Edmonton Eskimos Staff

(Edmonton) The Edmonton Eskimos have acquired non-import fullback Darcy Brown from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in exchange for import defensive back Ricardo Colclough and the Eskimos' 6th round pick in the 2015 CFL Canadian Draft, the club announced today.

Brown was drafted in the first round (6th overall) in the 2009 CFL Draft by Hamilton. Brown has spent the last three and a half seasons in Hamilton, starting in 36 games at fullback and has registered 13 receptions for 173 yards. The Ontario native played his college football at Saint Mary’s where he recorded 27 receptions for 489 yards and six touchdowns; he also rushed seven times for 128 yards and one touchdown.

Edmonton Eskimo General Manager Eric Tillman says, "We're excited to acquire this versatile young Canadian. Darcy can play fullback and he can also help us when we go to tight end formations. With Matthieu Bertrand on nine game injured, we feel very good about a Canadian backfield depth, which now includes Calvin McCarty, Jerome Messam and Darcy Brown."

"Of course, to add young talent, a club has to make sacrifices, too. Ricardo is a versatile defensive back who can play halfback, cornerback or even the sam linebacker spot. He is eager to play on a regular basis, and we believe Ricardo will get that opportunity in Hamilton. We certainly wish him the very best in the next stage of his CFL career."

Colclough has spent the first part of the 2012 season with the Esks playing in two games recording six tackles.

Darcy Brown
Saint Mary’s
Born: May 29, 1986 – Mississauga, ON
Ht: 6’4? Wt: 250lbs[/i]

From the Esks site
Thank god we gave up another pick for a RB, we may now have more RB's than O-linemen :thdn:
I can only assume Tillman is trying to leave our next GM with nothing to work with.

As it stands I would be only to happy to trade Tillman for Joe Mack in Winnipeg, am I wrong?

In the off season Tillman could very get back that first round pick back; am I wrong? :wink:

Jesus… At just turning 20 years old i might have a minor stroke… How many draft picks do we have left!? We gave Hamilton a defensive back for a fullback… Hamilton needs a lot of defensive help. That alone is a GIFT. We get some unimportant fullback that Edmontons offense dosent even use 95% of the time. AND ON TOP OF IT we throw away another draft pick… If anything we should have received a 3rd Round draft pick or higher for this from Hamilton!

Now maybe I am a little in the mindset of the NFL where draft picks are actually valuable past the 2nd round and trading actually makes sense south of the border… but cmon! This shit wouldnt fly there, and it shouldnt in this league! stroke in progress :thdn:

On this trade for Brown in my opinion replaces Bertrand; Darcy can block well and fit the bill on Tight End situations, Special Teams took a hit when Matty went down with injury, with Darcy the Esks gain what has been missed I say.

I appreciate your never wavering positive nature.
I wish I could see things in such an upbeat manner, but I just can't.

Its not as bad as it seems I,m sure McCarty wont be back possibly Bertrand so having some Canadian talent in the Backfield is a nice advantage even if he is just used for blocking.

I'm on the fence. Let me preface this by saying I'm downing my 7th beer. :lol: When I first read the trade, I thought, Another %$&#ing draft pick? But then I thought, Bertrand is getting up there in age, right? So we'll need someone to replace him. But still, it just doesn't seem like Edmonton has been winning any of its trades in the last year or two.

I supported bringing Tillman here, but it does feel like with every trade I get a little closer to joining the "Fire Tillman" club. Maybe it's the beer...

From Campbell on twitter; McCarty out with ankle injury - 3 weeks, that also adds to the Darcy Brown trade. Also; hasn't been announced yet that 2 players have been added to the practice roster - WR Josh Chichester [Louisville] 6'8" 240 lbs. and DL/DE Desmund Lighten [McNeese State] also has played inside LB.
Releases: OL Belton Johnson and WR Cordarol Scales.