Brody McKnight

I’m new to this forum and am from Missoula Montana and a huge fan of the Montana Grizzlies.I follow all our exGriz players in the pros and was just wondering what is up with Brody? I know you have a pretty good kicker but McKnight should have beaten him out.The guy is clutch and has a powerful long leg. I watched all our guys on pro day and Brody was putting 60 yd field goals through the uprights and then put up 24 reps of 225 lbs in the weight room which is nuts for a kicker. The guy is a beast who never missed a chance to hit a guy.The Aloettes drafted him but I just wonder why they aren’t using him.Brody isn’t the kind of guy who comes in and pushes the current kicker. He is the kind of guy who beats them out.Anyone know what is up?

Welcome to the board Steve. We are all big fans of Brody here on the board and I am not sure exactly when, how and if we will see him suit up in Montreal.

I follow Brody on Twitter and he seems to be adapting really well to the city. Its a huge change from Montana or the West Coast but he seems to be enjoying himself, making friends and his attitude has been SUPERB.

Coach Trestman is extremely loyal to his players and Sean Whyte committed to the Als for four years when we acquired him for a first round pick. Both guys are really superb place kickers still developing their punting skills. So its not like they compliment each other which makes it difficult to fit them into the 20 man dress roster (Canadian football divides up the roster with limitations for both Canadian and American players). Also Brody did not participate in training camp so this pretty much prevented him from competing for a starters job this season. Its really too bad but I can understand the reasonning behind his decision. He is signed for this season and next so if the als decide to stick with Sean. It is likely that Brody would be traded during the off season. instead of having him sit for two years and the team not get anything for him.

I am still hopeful that we will see him play at some point. But right now with a minimal commitment from his part and Sean highly respected by the coaching staff and his teammates it is really up in the air. At least he's getting acclimated to the Pro Canadian game and developing and employed.

Hope this helps.


Well around here you will hear alot of complaints about our current kicker (Sean Whyte). He is a great place kicker (leads the league in kicking points) but can't punt for his life. Field position is key and we are not gettin it from Sean. We were all suprised by Jim Popp deciding to go off the board and select Brody in the first round. Brody who???

We are all waiting for the appereance of McKnight but one problem is this. We picked up Sean Whyte using our first round selection and Popp probably want's to stick to his guns with his choice. Perhaps we are waiting to see if we can use Sean as trade bait later. However his place kicking stock has never been higher. McKnight will get his shot. History tells us that most players of quality here pay their dues first. Many of our stars have gone through this before. A comparable of Brody's situation right now is Noel Devine. Watching, waiting and learning in the background. If there is anyone who knows when it's the right time to bring a player in it's Marc Trestman & Jim Popp.

I'm sure others will give you their feed back concerning your question. That's just a few points that come to the top of my head why Brody is not playing yet.

Welcome to the forum Steve.

You have not mentioned Brody`s punting ability.

Our current placekicker Whyte has been clutch and there is no reason to replace him in those duties. However, he is an inconsistent and poor directional punter. We dress 2 Canadians (Matte and Dublanko) who are there for depth but are not essential. There would be room for Brody if he was a better punter than Whyte.

But unless someone has been attending practices, do we know that?

Someone on this site noted that Whyte is imperfect and not an all around kicker. This was referring to a blocked kick against Whyte in a recent game, indicating that Whyte should have noted that the block was certainly on and, Whyte made no effort to attempt to run away from the ongoing defenders, thus in no position to kick while running. This is the mark of most punters. In a couple of recent games I have noted that when Whyte is the only team member left ,when an opposing returner is streaking toward our goal line , he fails to make a solid attempt to tackle that player. Swayee Waters, the Argos FG/P person, is an example of a more complete kicker and, in recent games, I have noted that when he is the last Argo between an opposing kick return person and the Argos goal line, he effectively makes such a tackle.

Whyte is a great FG kicker but, as noted, his punting is questionable. McKnight might have the weight and strength to handle the above noted tasks. If he might give the team more strength with punting, I believe the team would benefit by playing both of them.

Thanks for the updates on Brody.

I didnt realize he didn't make it to Montreal's camp because it conflicted with the NFL rookie camps. Makes sense that he won't get playing time this year but I can also understand why he would give it a shot in the NFL.
Brody replaced Dan Carpenter when he left to play for Miami. After 2 yrs with the Fins he got a contract extention for 3 yrs for 6.21 m. Don't know what CFL salaries are but I would guess around 1,000,000 so you can see why a player out of college would want to give it a shot. Brody broke most of Carps records.
A lot of his teammates have gone on to the NFL so it wasn't a long shot IMO.Just to give you an idea. If you are interested take a look at the highlights for the semi final play off game against Appalachian State. Some of those Griz in the game are Marc Mariani (Titans, Pro Bowler), Chase Reynolds (Rams),Jabin Sambrano (Colts) Trumaine Johnson (Rams) Shann Schillinger (Falcons), Caleb McSurdy (Cowboys). If you want to see a great hit go to 1:49 to see Keith Thompson's

Someone asked about Brody's punting. I found this on youtube. He has a very effective roll out punt. 2:08 on the tape has a nice hit by him. Most of the Griz have their tapes up.

I figured I would put up the links especially when someone posted Brody who? when he was drafted.pretty funny

Sounds like Whyte is a great kicker too so I would think they would trade Brody but won't they have to play him as his trade stock will drop the longer he doesn't play?

Brody signed the minimum rookie contract of two years so he is very likely getting paid minimum salary for minimum commitment at the present time. That would be appr. $53 000.00 a year ! Welcome to the CFL LOL !

There is a big difference between our two kickers is that Brody is very athletic and muscular. I think that gives him a lot of upside punting and we’ve aready had 12 kicks returned for touchdowns in this 8 team league and we are not halfway into the season. So a kicker who can cover and tackle is a huge bonus.

As to how this will all pan out. My guess is one of the two will be traded between Now and the end of next training camp.

David Duval was an example of a P/K who frequently made a tackle, the last player to possibly do this, on an opponents return man who was streaking towards the Als goal line. In his prime Duval was a great P/K. He must have prevented many long returns. Duval was solidly built and, had the strength and courage to prevent opponents scoring TDS. Grizzly Steve thanks for the You Tubes, I will look at them later and, hopefully see McKnight in that role. We are giving our opponents too much field position as the team is frequently out punted.

Whyte has no leg for field goals longer than 45 yards, it's very clear.

Yes, Brody can get good distance on his kicks. I was impressed, when a snap was bad, he caught the ball then ran to his right kicking the ball on the run. He hits the corner often with his kicks. I do hope we will have the opportunity to see him play with the Alouettes this year. He does get length on the ball. Thanks for sending the YouTube tapes.

What it comes down to is having an extra body on the dline or cover teams or two kickers. Too bad that the importance of special teams is still not paramount to coach T. Special teams is all about attitude and I have just given up on Andy raising that in the crew.

I believe that the Popp/Trestman trade, that the team just completed with the ESKS, was a horrible trade. In Schavone we got a weak punter whose FGs are short kicks only and, we gave away Brody Mcknight, a NI who, was reported to being able to punt 50 yards and, has hit 50 yards in FG attempts, as noted by Grizzlysteve. Whyte certainly is competent with respect to FGs but, his punting has been erratic- he shanks the ball from time to time and, the Als lose yardage as our opponents kickers usually punt longer.

In Whyte we have a kicker without all around athletic ability. For example, when an opposing kick returner has beaten 11 players and, is headed towards the Als goal line, Whyte ( the 12th player) has not been able to tackle him. Even David Duvall, in his latter years, was able to make this type of tackle regularly. McKnight weighs over 200 pounds and, would represent a bigger and stronger athlete. Should the ESKS win the Cup this year, the Als would secure the 8th pick in the future draft. A poor trade!

Don't think that's gonna happen.

I respectfully submit that Noel Prefontaine did that a lot more than Duval ever did. To his own detriment, unfortunately, as he has suffered some nagging and some fairly serious injuries from acting like a football player.