Brody Mcknight Traded

to Eskimos for place kiker Derek Schiavone a first and a fourt round draft pick
..........not a bad return could turn out to be a high first
as per RDS

So we trade a #8 overall in 2011 for a possible #2-4 overall 2013.
Also get a 4th rounder in 2013, and a backup K... who can't punt either, insurance if Whyte gets hurt only.

To me it's all about the picks, if Popp strikes gold with them good deal.. if not, not so much.
He usually does pretty well. :wink:

One thing I was worried about is Brody getting another crack at the NFL and us losing him for nothing down the road.
Huge win if that ends up happening to EDM.

On the other hand, I'm so sick of Whyte's punting... it's bad enough we can't return for shit ourselves.
I was hoping that Brody might win the job next season, but we're now locked in with Sean. Not so thrilled on that front.

See the above " Brody McKnight Traded" for my comments.

My error see " Brody McKnight" for my comments.

Il va sans dire que seul le temps nous montrera si l'échange a été profitable.

Mais qu'on obtienne un joueur, un premier choix au repêchage (qui risque d'être dans les 3 premiers) et un quatrième choix au repêchage pour un joueur qui n'a jamais botté un ballon dans une partie professionnelle, c'est une bonne contrepartie.

Popp a insisté sur le fait que Schiavone était très apprécié de ses coéquipiers. Nous n'avons pas d'indication que ce ne serait pas le cas pour McKnight, mais on peut penser que ce dernier ne figurait pas dans les plans immédiats de l'équipe et qu'il ne pouvait refuser cette occasion d'améliorer sa position au repêchage.

Il demeure que la question du botteur de dégagement demeure à résoudre de nouveau.

Popp wasn't convinced that Brody was a good enough punter. I think that's what sealed the deal.

Chris Milo would be a good choice for the Als,as a punter in 2013,provided he is playing his option. He is a very good punter and improving every game; yesterday, 2 to 3 times, he punted the ball outside the Als ten yards line; no chance to return the ball by Als.

Brody McKnight has said,on a few occasions, that he is a better place kicker than a punter.

I still maintain that it was a great trade by Jim Popp. If the Eskimos continue to play as recently-I don’t expect a major improvement- the Als will select early, in the 2013 CFL draft.


I commented in the Als special teams thread and posted either a 5th or 6th or 7th pick; I counted from first place down instead of last place and up. My mistake along with hope/faith; thus as of now it's a different story. With Ottawa picking first [I think?]; Esks don't get out of this funk the Als will pick third. With that said, I feel the bar for a West crossover team is 8-10.

Hamilton only needs to win 4 of their last 7 to finish 8-10 so I'm beginning to think that scenario will be unlikely.

will be interesting to see if in fact there will be a team crossing over. Als/Argos should battle for first and second but one never knows with the TiCats who could come on down the stretch.
Unfortunately the Esks have not fiared so well of late and the Riders managed to beat the Bombers twice, but who knows about them from week to week.

What I forgot to say was in the quote is Hamilton needs to go 8-10 to stop the crossover.

Considering their schedule and their potential they have a good shot. The rematch in edmonton should be interesting.

The Eskimos sat out Jerome Messam (2011 Most Outstanding Canadian) last week against BC, one of the reasons being given is they wanted to dress 2 kickers. Yet they used Shaw exclusively for all 3 aspects.

Messam was not injured and will play tomorrow. I can only guess that McKnight has not impressed in practice. Perhaps we will see him tomorrow.

They are trying to trade Messam. Typical Tillman, signs the guy to an extension then the next day tries and trade him! Glad Jim didn't take the bait.

Again to Sask. + 6th round choice for 2 5th round choices.

Un jour, il va peut-être finir par botter un ballon.

Almost unthinkable that the Als/Jim Popp received Derek Schiavone,a first- round selection-3rd overall- and a fourth- round selection for Brody McKnight. I am sorry, but Eric Tillman must have been under the influence of something when he made that trade. Today, Edmonton receives only 2 fifth-round selections and have to give a sixth-round selection.

Excellent trade by Jim Popp! Must be laughing.


....It;s not as good as the gift Eric gave to the that was a winner... :lol:

The story goes that Tillman made that trade at one in the morning while he was on the road without talking to the President, coach or Hervey and ultimately that move was the straw that broke the camel's back (there were many straws) and got him fired.

Cold medicine! :smiley: :wink: