Brody Mcknight signed

2 year :rockin: s as per RDS

Yes ! Way to go jim....

well well
Is the canning of a certain ST coordinator embedded in his contract?

Now THAT would be
Win Win

Good signing.

Now if Jim could sign good import defensive linemen.

I am sure that MadJack was happy watching the defensive game between Edmonton and Saskatchewan; if the Als could have a defensive line as good as these two team they would make my day and even my season.


:lol: nice to see the esks score one single point. gonna be a long season for them.

Well I'm really worried we are about to lose Adrian.... Tillman will do anything to crawl out of the grave he dug for himself.

over senior's dead body. :lol:

And Senior would be correct. If Calvillo went down. We'd be in the same situation as Edmonton is now.


If what you got out of that game was how good the defenses were...



For me and my body...

McPherson is under contract

At least until the end of the season.

If we continue to ignore him....even when the old man's off his game
God only knows about next year.

Hey...if we're lucky maybe we'll be able to pick up Kerry Joseph or Stephen Jyles
That ought to secure the future of this team

I like him too. We don't win Saturday if Mcpherson does not close the deal in the red zone and Neiswander our div II prospect has never taken a snap in a live CFL game.

My worry is what if we get offered Chris Thompson and Ted Laurent for Adrian and Bomben or Adrian and Mcknight ? It becomes very tempting for a GM to make the deal when your guy is playing out his last year of his contract.

Trading McPherson now would be insane
Calvillo is arguably one snap
(and I'm talking the audible kind)
Away from never playing another game

He was hurt twice last game
(lest we forget)
And despite his remarkable endurance over the years
We can only assume his lucky streak may eventually come to an end

Add to that the YEARS of training we've invested in McPherson
A quarterback who was probably ready to start 2 years ago
And how much time it takes for ANY young (or import) quarterback
To "get" this game
And you'd seriously have to be crazy to let McPherson go at this point

All of which has me seriously worried about how little the Alouettes
Are willing to compromise about playing time for this guy
It's as if the concept of a "transition"
Has them as baffled or unconscious
As "special teams" does.

We'll see how things play out
But it's not exactly flowing as smoothly as we've hoped

One thing is absolutely for certain. Adrian knows there is a team in dire need of an experienced QB and he's the only one set to become a free agent. So does the situation become get something now or keep him and get nothing at the end of the season ?

And even if we want to keep him at the end of the season. We are now caught in a biding war with Edmonton.

Jim is kind of between a rock and a hard place.

There are no less than 16 games before the end of the season. I don't worry too much now on what may happen with Adrian. No one knows. Anthony could get hurt next game/before the end of the season. Anthony could retire at the end of season. Adrian will be here.

I worry about the next game against Calgary not what could happen after february 15,2013.-Date Adrian becomes free agent- I worry about the defensive line.


We've got Bowman and Hopkins coming back soon, that will make a big difference IMO.

AWESOME news. Get him on the active roster, stat, and let Whyte be reserved for field goals only.

But do we know yet he is a better punter than Whyte?

He has a more powerful leg.
He can actually make a tackle without looking like a girl

That’s two pluses…

There is no conceivable way he can be a worse punter than Whyte, and what's more, he has a good punting record in his college career. Whyte is not a punter. McKnight is. He's also bigger and stronger, and should therefore be able to kick for distance and some (gasp!) hangtime.

Based on stats after 2 weeks:

Net Punting:
Number 1 C.Milo,Sask. average of 45.0 yards
Number 2 Maver,Calgary average of 41.1 yards
Number 7 Whyte Average of 27.8 yards

Difference of 12.3 yards beween him and Maver. Huge

Number 1 Shaw,Edm. Average of 69.1 yards
Number 2 Prefontaine,Tor. Average of 63.5 yards
Number 3 Parades,Cal. Average of 63.3
Number 5 Whyte Average of 58.1 yards.

While the difference of 5.2 yards between him and Parades is not as huge as the net punting,it is still a major factor. The players of Calgary,both in punting and kickoffs situations, get to Montreal returners much more sooner. The opposite for the Als. Longer to get to the Calgary returners. I don't care who the special teams coach is,until this situation is corrected there will be major problems in our return game. While there is a mention of previous coach,we seem to forget Damon Duval who was a much,much better punter and kickoffs player than Sean.

McKnight,at least based on his college numbers, will give the Als better/longer punting and kickoffs.