Brock Ralphs' catch

On the last play of the first half did you see Brock Ralph do his Tommy Joe Coffee catch?

Darren Flutie couldn't have done it better!

He reached out while diving and pulled in a one handed catch!!

Impressive! That should have set up a field goal try but the officials let the clock tick down to zero.

Lancaster just shook his head when he talked to the officials about it.

Great catch !! :cowboy:

Now if he could do that all the time... or even better, if ALL the Ti-Cat receivers could do that even 1/2 the time, it would be an interesting season.

I did see a few really good catches in the game.

Most of those great ones by flick were called back. That 65 yarder that got called back for holding by Hudson was ridiculous. And it was clearly not holding in my mind.

I blew a gasket on that one!


They take away good entertaining plays like that one and no way is it holding it's western refin!

Have to get a new gasket :wink:

Feel for DJ Flick too,

dj and brock stepped up

a good positive sign for things to come

The call on Hudson was a pathetically cheap one that should have been ignored.

This type of "Holding" call could be made on every play.

I'd be a lot more frustrated if a cheap call like that cost us the game, but the team managed to overcome that unessessary obstacle and win despite the officials.

I think it's premature to hand Ralph the starting WR position. He's been around for a couple of years and hasn't really done a whole lot yet. Yes he can catch--seems to have good hands. Yes he has some speed but he really isn't going to run away from the better cornerbacks in the league. And I still have this sense that he's still resting on his modest laurels, ie. a cup of coffee at a NFL training camp. He may yet prove to be an excellent WR but he hasn't done it yet. I do agree that SB isn't his position. He just doesn't have the beef for it.

An Argo fan

Barney......what are you smoking :cowboy:

The Cats have hardly used their wideouts. It would have mattered who we were using, they wouldn't be racking up the receptions. Once the running game gets going, the passing will follow. Brock Ralph has talent galore....we just got to start using him.

Now for the Argos.................... :lol:

Rocky......gotta agree with you on that holding call against Hudson.
This is suppose to be a professional league but I have to think the officiating has a long way to go to be at the pro level. :cowboy: