Brock Ralph

....what a waste of space...He doesn't fight for the ball...trips on the field-chalk....Useless.... Bombers do yourself a favour ....cut him :thdn: :thdn: BUTAL

....there's still a half to go.....and unless Ralph catches a game winning td. (highly unlikely)..we've got a problem starting this guy :thdn:

No coach in their right mind would even have this guy in the line up, let alone be your primary receiver any time in a game.

Get a FB in there to help with the blocking already and park Ralphs azz on the bench for good. Sheesh.

Nobody drops passes and fails to extend himself on contested balls like Brock Ralph. When it comes to the art of running a route like a robotic hare, Brock is a master.

nothing good happens when the ball is thrown in Ralph's direction. get rid of him. there's no possible way he's better than Watson.

I will agree Ralph is not a great receiver. I can't comment on his route running abilities, but it is too frustrating as a fan watching him play. So many gaffs during the game from him, then he comes up with a good catch. For example - drops in an early season game in Hamilton, then makes a great catch late in the game as the WBB were pressing for a score to tie/win late (the game with the poor clock management by LaPo), a drop with his insistance to challenge in an earlier game in Wpg where we lost the challenge then makes a great over the shoulder catch later in the game in the endzone where he was ruled out but we couldn't challenge because we wasted it on his previous drop, several poor plays yesterday then a good catch for the 2 pt convert. Its truly maddening. That said, and not necessarily meaning to defend Ralph, a couple of the balls thrown his way yesterday were underthrown. The one that sticks out in my mind was the earlier one that was picked off. The ball was heaved up and had way way too much air underneath it, coming down short of where Ralph was and allowing Proulx I think it was to have more than enough time to make his way over there and make the easy pick. Yes, Ralph could've adjusted to the ball and tried to come back but then again his defender was a couple steps behind him on the play and if Jyles had put more zip and less air under the pass, could've hit Ralph in stride. Personally, with where we are in the season, I would like to see him shelved for the rest of the season and lets see what we have with Watson on the outside and moving Hargreaves and his size into the slot.

Brock Ralph is living proof of why the ratio for Canadian starters should go down, not up, when the league expands to nine (and possibly ten) teams. As it is right now, we have guys like Ralph and Bauman clogging up rosters, only sticking around because of their passports. With one or two more teams in the CFL, how does the league fill out 14 more Canadian starters without severely diluting the quality of Canadian talent across the league?

If Brock Ralph were American, he'd have been out of the CFL years ago.

...I agree a 100 percent.discipline,...Right now i'm looking at Ralph ,as a canuck, taking up a spot he's no longer qualified to fill...I don't care if Watson is inexperienced...this guy plays his position well enough with heart He should be on the roster instead of Brock....With our season barely hanging by a thread, i think it;s time to get Watson the reps. for next year...He;s the future....Ralph is headed for a pink slip and file 13....soooooo I ask what the hell is wrong with our coaching staff...Are they that blind.... stubborn or stupid or all three??....I don't want to see Ralph in a Bomber uniform anymore...Our chances of making the play-offs are thin at best...soooooo I want to see the guys of the future for this club, not some deadwood who are not helping this team out at all...We have a few guys that we haven't looked at yet....I hope they get some playing time......Mathematically we are still in it....Realistically not so much...Wake-up Lapo...time to smell the coffee :wink:

whats with the replace ralph with watson talk? watson started last game as did ralph.. if ur replacing ralph, ur replacing him with hargreaves. watson started this last game and was invisible. dudes not there yet... do i think they should get rid of ralph? yes... but is hargreaves really the answer? or he is another one of these canadians ppl talk about who are only around cuz they are canadian, he's been around 3 years. hasnt shown anything yet.

replace ralph for sure but with who cuz watson started last game and will be starting moving forward.

Total BS. The reason why the Bombers have Brock in their lineup is because they've traded away over 80 percent of their draft picks over the last ten years. Taman was the major offender and it continued with Crusty and Bozo last year, Joe Mack even confirmed this last week. The good teams in this league all have more quality Canadians than they can start, they also develop their guys after they draft them.

Look at how Cornish has developed in Calgary, or Bekasiak that was humiliated, fattened and dumped in Hamilton, who is becoming a force in Montreal after TWO YEARS of hard work and coaching.

Where does the league find 14 Canadians? LOL ! Montreal alone has FIVE (Bomben, Steenbergen, Matte, Boulay and Desrivaux).

Of the Montreal players you listed, only one has been proven to be a quality player (Boulay). Bomben, Steenbergen, and Matte are all prospects -- and O-line prospects to boot, probably the easiest position at which to start Canadians apart from safety -- no guarantee they'll amount to anything. Desriveaux has been in the ST gulag for two years and probably won't become a starter even when Cahoon retires. Emry's play this year has been pretty mediocre, to the point where he'd probably be benched or cut if he wasn't Canadian and therefore harder to take out of the lineup.

Tell me which other team has more quality Canadians than they can start. I'm curious to know.

.....Watson DOES NOT start every game....WHY/////???? because Mr. Useless is on the starting roster....Keep Hargreaves in there....start any ni but Ralph....He's done...gonzo ...and finished....Read what Lapo said today...He dumped all over him about his play in Mont.....He'll be gone by seasons end....

And now i'll comment on hfxtcs' remarks....He's right....We peed away draft pics with NO thought of tomorrow...It was mostly Tamans doing with Bauers okay....HENCE why we have to play a guy like deadwood Ralph...We might as well forget going anywhere, with a guy who is just here 'filling out ' the roster, because of his birthplace...We would have been better off keeping Jabari Arthur , even though he isn't blowing the socks off of everyone in Cal....he still would've been a better option than Mr.deadwood...After Lapolices' comments today....i think he's catching on :wink: :rockin:

....AND as for Watsons play vs. Ralph, killer.....Watson made some key grabs in the game against the leos in that remarkable comeback....I don't remember Ralph doing much IF anything at all :wink:...I would say Watson maybe not there yet but he's very much on his way...Start a fence-post with hair and a helmet and you'll get the same result as Mr. Ralph is giving us..So Hargreaves is fine :lol:

...... Ralphy boy lost his starting gig today and refused to be interviewed....adios,by by and so long.....Watson is starting and moving inside to slotback.....It took awhile but i guess the coaches are finally catching on :wink:

Brock Ralph is awful and I agree totally it's people like him who are the best example for those against the ratio.
It's a crime that he's a starter.

Watson to slot Ralph to WR, not much of a demotion for Ralph. I suspect he was more upset about Lapo tossing him under the bus by saying the picks were his fault for running the wrong routes.'re probably right pigseye.... I just wonder though, how much of the field will Ralph see for the remainder of the year....LaPo didn't pull any punches in his assessment of Ralphs play...What bothers me the most is why did it take this long, for the coaching, to come to this decision about a players lack of game...I know we are in tough when it comes to ni receivers but Ralph was doing next to nothing all year...A move should have been made earlier....Hindsights great i guess, however as it has turned out, valuable playing time was denied Watson...I'm expecting great things from Cory next year....this latest move is a great one for him :thup:

It is still not clear if Ralph is going to be starting at WR. . . apparently Hargreaves is getting first team reps there, but LaPo is still non-commital as to who the starting WR will be:

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