Brock Ralph

hey guys, as some of you may already know... winnipeg traded jason nugent to edmonton for brock ralph a while ago.

since he played last year with broken ribs, i can't ask edmonton fans about him... so i was wondering if i can get some opinions of him from some fans that seen him start and play for a whole year...

whats the scoop

Led the Cats in receiving yards in 2007. Good speed, especially for a Canadian. Has the ability to get behind coverage and catch the deep ball, but didn't seem able to get open with much consistency while he was here. Pretty good hands, but not extraordinary. Some Cat fans (including me) were critical of his eagerness to step out of bounds after the catch and what appeared to be a general reluctance to sacrifice his body to make a play.

I noticed that trade a few days ago. The whole reason Obie traded Ralph to Edmonton was so he could be close to his autistic daughter. Then Edmonton just trades him away? I guess it really is a cold business.

I was always a Brock Ralph fan and wish him and his family all the best. Maybe you can come back to the Hammer one day, Brock!

Why is it always the teams fault ? You dont know what the circumstances are surrounding Ralph . One thing we know is he isnt a very good player !!!

In my opinion, Brock Ralph has the speed and height to be successful but he has a rather slight build.

His strengths are his top speed and his passport, while his drawbacks are his weight and inconsistent hands.

I think he would be a perfect receiver to play out wide, and be a number 3 option in a passing offense where there isn't much pressure on him and he would have the ability to exploit any match up problems in a secondary. Running posts, corners, deep ins, things like that.

You just have to get him the ball in stride. I don't think hitches and curls are his forte.

But that is just one dudes opinion.

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Make that two dudes' opinions. I completely agree with your assessment.


You hit the nail on the head, safetyblitz. Nuff said!

Good speed, decent height, good passport. Too soft. The opposite of a Ben Cahoon or Jason Clermont. He'll make the easy play but don't expect much more.

An Argo-Cat fan

X4. The other thing he led the team on was Offensive "offsides" penalties. That could have been him playing SB as opposed to WR though...

Could this possibly be the same family atmosphere that Jesse was singing the praises of?

Jess is autistic?

[quote="paullywood"]In my opinion, Brock Ralph has the speed and height to be successful but he has a rather slight build.

His strengths are his top speed and his passport, while his drawbacks are his weight and inconsistent hands.

8) .... and that my friend says it all about Mr. Ralph !!!!

Brock is Good player but not great player .
He a team guy and good to fans
The call him White Lighting


That is the wrong Ralph brother. Won't/can't go across the middle and runs out of bounds on the outside. Waste of a roster spot.

david c, i guess you'd stay in bounds though wouldn't you? you'd go across the middle, wouldn't you? ...sure you would. listen, its pretty easy to sit back and criticize a guy for this or that cuz that's what you do-especially ham. fans. here's a thought-lace'em up,just once and see who hurries to go across the middle. brock was good enough to get to a jets camp,be on the roster of a grey cup champ,but he's a waste of a roster spot? as a cdn. receiver, he's pretty good. let's just leave it at that.and david, maybe you should comment on something you actually can have insight on instead of,apparently football players.get outta here!

city legend

City, as fans it isn't our job to lace em up and go across the middle......we pay money to buy tickets so that we may WATCH other people play football. We pay money to watch players make tough catches in traffic, and fight for the extra yard. We pay money to see players do there job and Ralph's job was to catch footballs and if he fails to do so or does so without giving it his all, we are certainly allowed to critisize him.

All that being said, Ralph is a decent receiver who has problems catching the ball in traffic. Not everybody can be a Cahoon or a Simon.

I happen to agree with most other posters on brock Very fast, mediocre hands, no rough play. And yes he is WAY TOO SOFT.Yes i would stay in bounds and go across the middle .When is the really old peoples game?Sign me up :cowboy:

well thanks guys... since you all agree on the very same things about him... its clear that that is in fact the case

he should be a good 5th reciever for us

With the amount of Canadian talent Winnipeg has lost this off-season, I have a feeling he is going to be in the starting lineup a little more than a 5th receiver. Unless you guys have a non-import receiver I am forgetting about...

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