Brock Ralph

I think Brock Ralph is a respectable receiver but this years stats are lacking.Has he lost a step or is the o scheme using him as a decoy?

time to get a young canadian reciever .Bauman?

Ray simply has too many better recievers to throw to - Tucker, Peterson, Stamps, Campbell plus screens out to Bertrand and AJ Harris. Ralph is probably there for ratio reasons more than anything, that and like Maas, he was real good with the Esks back in 04/05 before their time in Hamilton.

I do agree that Ray has better weapons but Ralph still has good days ahead. He actually had one of his best seasons last year. He had 50 catches for 721 yards in 14 games.

he has terrific speed and good size but he lacks the route-running skills and football smarts to be a difference maker... he has been a bit of a non-factor this year... I think we should try to go deep with him more given his speed

Personally, I'd rather see us use Nowacki more often. It just seems like the very few times Ralph has a pass coming his way, he drops it.

Ralph is a lazy receiver. He has great potential but doesn't sell out on every pass resulting sometimes in interceptions. That's why he is seldom used.

I wish we could fit Nowacki in as the 5th reciever instead of Ralph. Nowacki caught the one pass thrown at him, and also contributed on special teams, while Ralph failed to survive contact with the turf after a beautiful 50yd bomb from Ray....

Gee whiz Brock. That was a bad game for you in Cow town. Out of bounds, missed route and coming up empty in end zone. I would like to cheer for a Canadian receiver! Better luck in Commonwealth! :lol:

Surely we could bring in a young CDN talent at reciever to replace Ralph like the Riders did with Fantuz last year.

he's just not tough enough yet doesn't like to go inside and it's quite noticable, maybe in time but do it on another team.

I was so glad the coaching staff made a good decision and finally benched Ralph today.