Brock Ralph

Cats are in trouble and not only because Mas has picked up from where he left off last year. Ralphie is still living off the fact that he once had a cup of coffee at a NFL camp. His offside penalty which nullified his own TD was so idiotic but so Ralph. And his endzone fumble giving Calgary a TD was classic Ralph too. I mean it wasn't even a smashmouth hit. The DB just stood him up and he drops the ball. The play was iffy but the execution was garbage.

An Argo-Cat fan

Why did Maas throw the ball to the opposite side of the field behind the line of scrimmage in the end zone??

It seems that Brock can't get away from his problem of jumping off side. I recall that last year he had the same problem. It appears that he can't rid himself of that problem. If he wasn't a good friend of the QB would he still be in Hamilton??

Maybe he thought Brock might make a play once he caught the ball. Dumb assumption by Maas. :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

The ball was high and behind him a bit ...followed by a solid Moreno type hit as Ralph turned to face up field .
I cut him slack ,I hope Moreno pops an Argo next week Barney and you eat your words as the Argo fumbles

IMO Ralph should have been let go in training camp. Hopefully French will take his place. He has done nothing to improve this team since his arrival. And his toughness and desire has yet to be seen from my vantage point. He rarely goes up for balls, he shys away from hits (hence the fumble last night) and as mentioned tends to jump offside frequently. Time for ralp to go.

Did you notice who Timmy Chang hit right on the numbers in full flight last night.Brock Ralph,they looked like a perfect match and I hope Timmy Chang can do a Chuck Ealy for us this year ,that is exciting even if he does suffer rookie mistakes .

The play WAS iffy (that's being generous), but even if Ralph were the primary receiver on the page, you NEVER throw a hitch pass in the endzone unless the coverage is so far off the receiver he can read the first paragraph of "Bengal Bunker" alliterations from Les Nessman revisited there. LOL

Aim for an octogenarian in the third row instead. They will appreciate the souvenir if not the momentary thrill of having to remember how it was when ducking was so much easier. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I tend to agree with oski-oui-oui's take on the situation. With the ball on their own five yard line, the Ticats called a timeout. They had time to select a proper play but chose to try a high risk/low reward hitch pass in their own end zone. That must have been on page 999 of Coach Taaffe's 1,000 page offensive playbook. The coaching staff, Maas and Ralph can share the blame on that botched play.

I dont agree with blaming Ralph for that stupid play. The guy really had no say did he? we cn blame hm for the fumble, but he should never have been put in that situation. The coaching staff should be blamed because Working called a terrible play. Jason too shares some responsibility because he should have changed the damn play at the line. Prove your a leader instead of just followng blindly. God!

Well said. That had to be one of the WORST play-calling decisions I have seen in all my years as a Ticat fan. While I understand the possible reason for it (thinking CAL would be playing deep in a prevent D), it just didn't make any sense. Way too risky and we paid dearly for it. That was the turning point IMO. As for Ralph dropping the ball. Looked to me like the DB got a hand in there and swatted the ball. He definately should have had a better hold on it though.

Ralphie may as well have been wearing a Stamps jersey. He was single handedly responsible for more Calgary points than any Stampeder.

An Argo-Cat fan

Brock Raplh's biggest asset is his speed. Obviously the play was a bad call but for Brock to show his potential it will be downfield....I think he is being stymied by a QB who can't throw downfield...