Brock Ralph

Is Brock Ralph injured?...I may have missed the announcement but I have been to three practices and he just stands around with a ball cap on...not even a jog 'round the track for show.

Welcome to the site, niven.

Yah, he is probably nicked up a bit.

Two practices a day tend to result
in muscle strains and the like.

I'm guessing he's injured as well. To me, the major concern with Ralph is how much physical punishment his "frail for football" body can withstand.

He has more of a dancer's body than one built for pro football and believe me, this is not a slam against dancers, since they are generally in better all around shape than the average football player. (Female dancers included)

Ralph certainly has a lot of potential IF he can stay healthy.

Don't let that grandmother-like frame fool you.
Remember , he's the one who is sent in "especially" to protect the quarterback when we need to kill the clock. :lol:

sorry , couldn't resist. :lol: