Brock Ralph

i dont know about you guys, but i wouldnt have any problem with Ralph being our number one reciever. He shows potential and has the speed + Size to do it. He showed flashes of greatness last year on many occasions. I believe he and Alston should be our starting WR, with MM or Fleming and another yet to be announced Slotback inside. Would anyone care to comment on this?

Ralph can be a #1 receiver. Hopefully the Ticats feature him more in the offence in 2007.

He looks good to me from what I have seen. No. 1 receiver? I don't know but he has great speed.

i think brock and all our other receivers will improve with a receivers coach. last season we didnt have 1 and it showed

Hasn't really shown much except the odd flash. Too inconsistent. He'll always be "just a guy" kind of player--put one in, pull one out--makes no difference. He's still living on the fact that he had a cup of coffee at a NFL camp a few years ago. If he's your #1, you are in deep trouble this year and pity the QB whoever it turns out to be.

Be honest. If he wasn't Canadian, what would his chances be of starting for any CFL team. You guys are hoping for Cinderella stories from many of the same guys who gave you a 4-14 season. Ain't gonna happen.

An Argo fan

no, but he could be the best #2 or #3 guy in the league. given time. (like thelwell, Jackson or someone of that ilk.)

I'll bet only one NI starts at receiver for the Ticats this season; would probably also bet it will be Ralph at one of the WR spots.

i can remeber one catch he made i tihnk against calgary, double coverage on the middle like 40 yards deep and he came up with it, that catch alone proved to me he has wat it takes to be #1, now lets jus find aQB to throw to him with consistancy

Brock Ralph is waist of a Roster Spot…
what has done in his Time
Nothing… He is a Never was
Ibrahim Tounkara is a good Brock Right now
That not saying much is it…

I want American Playing at #1 WR…
There just Better Pass Catchers…


huh?.....Some of the most consistent pass catchers on the Tiger-Cats and the whole CFL for that matter have been Canadians.....

Actually, the way you phrased it, it's not saying anything at all

He is a best a #2 guy. We need a proven big deep threat on teams will not fear our passing game thus stacking the line and make life miserable for Holmes and Lumsden. Remember this post

whatever,m this is the year were our rushing is our offence, jesse n holmes r gunna kill it this year. our offence is gunna be based on the running game first passing second. well at least the first couple games anyway.

I've been singing the praises of Brock Ralph since he was in Edmonton. Without a doubt he has the chance to be a #1 receiver but he needs to get touches and last year they were few and far between. Last year he mostly played in the slot which was a new position for him and in my mind that is a coaching mistake they tried the same thing with Chris Brazzell and that didn't work either.
Oh and do you think Montreal wishes they had an American as their #1 receiver...oh wait they have Ben Cahoon, the word is he's pretty good. Not making a comparison but us Canadians can play a bit too.

They ain't gonna kill nothin' with a canadian like Lumsden at tailback - he'll be OK as a back-up; i want an American as the #1 running back - they're "just better" ball carriers; Holmes or Davis or whoever as the main go to guy at RB with Jesse getting a few carries; Charlie T will realize this - remember this post!

remembering not to listen to you anymore....

TCanuck - You take Anthony Davis, I'll take Jesse hmmm yeah I'll take Jesse. I can understand you're point but a sub 4.5 forty is a sub 4.5 forty in Canada or the States. Oh I bet Holmes starts at RB there's you US content. peace!

whats with every1 thinkinh american players r so supperior then canadian players??

Cause they Are ...
Better Coaching ...
Better Minor League System..
Most Canadians are Busy Chasing a Peace of Rubber in an Ice Rink. To make Football Our Top Sport .
Canadian Players are Good Backups
and Good Linemen

But When Comes Skill Spots
Americans are Better ..

I am not saying there untalented..They are
Just not as Much as Americans are.
It all come back to coaching here.
It not as Good here in Canada

Now Hockey we are better ..