Brock Ralph

Brock Ralph deserved what he got.Maybe next time he gets his head stomped on his helmet will be off....
He tried to end someones career by trying to take there knees out on a meeningless play.....
I am a Cat fan but he got what he deserved...
Never try and take someones knees out...

I seriously hope A.J Gass gets suspended for that you dont kick someone just because your team got out played i dont care how frustrated you are. go to the locker room and punch a water cooler or something he could have seriously injured Brock Ralph i hope the CFL takes action and suspends Mr.Gass.

Did you watch the game?He kicked him because Ralph tried to take someones knees out.

i'll wait til i see a replay, but AJ Gass is NOT the person who should be acting all high and mighty about taking out someone's knees.

if kicking someone who had just attempted to take out a teammate's knees was acceptable Gass would have about ten thousand footmarks on him after his career...

Im not saying its acceptable,but everyone is talking like Gass just walked up and kicked hiim for no reason.

Did you watch the 2nd down??? He did that to Adam Braidwood because on the previous play Braidwood threw him to the ground and game a cheap shot to Maas AFTER the play was over. At least Brock did it during play. I'm an Esk fan deep down, and AJ is one of my favorite players, but this was TOTALLY uncalled for and he MUST get suspended.

So call a penalty on Ralph. Gass took it in hes own hands and decided to kick a man while hes down on the ground completely defenceless. You dont kick a man while hes down. That was so uncalled for and Gass should get what he deserves 1 game 2 at most.

end of story

Ralph decided to hit a defenceless man in the knees on a meaningless play..
I guess if someone throws you on the ground and takes a shot at your quarterback your allowed to take his knees out...

and yet it was still during the play.


true true true as long as its during the play your allowed to take someones knees out....sorry my mistake...

Braidwood was NOT defenseless. On the previous play AFTER it was over, he took a hit on Ralph and Maas, who were defenseless. He clearly has a size advantage on the 2 of them, and since Ralph waited for the play to start, Braidwood is not considered 'defenseless'. I'm not sold that Ralph's intent was to injure, but Braidwood and Gass's sure was. I feel ashamed right now to be an Esk fan.

actually, ya... it is,

CFL should do something about that, eh?

I didn't see the whole thing but I have to go with the opinion of the unbiased observer here. I can't see how you anyone can make excuses for kicking someone when they're down. Here's a question Todd, did Braidwood get injured by Ralph?? I don't think he did, therefore Gass just took an unnecessary cheapshot after the game. If he wanted to get Ralph back for something he could have waited till next week when we play them again.

Have to say that saying you hope Ralph gets his head stomped without a helmet is really nice. Wish permanent injury on someone. Classy.

chop blocks are legal, thats why B.R didnt get a penalty, how else is a reciever going to block a dlineman, who is 100,lbs heavier, - why were the ee,s going after maas??

Hey Borehamgirl,didnt Edmonton just lose a player last week because someone took his knees out..I believe his career is over...
Im not wishing permanent injury on anyone,I agree what I said is pretty harsh but thats what happens when you go for someones knees.

Borehamgirl took the high road, i will take the low road.


Ask Radlein about people going for the knee. I'm not saying I like it, but it happens all the time and most of the time there isn't even a penalty called. There's no justification for kicking someone and saying you hope a guy gets his head stomped without a helmet on isn't wishing permanent injury?? Sounds like it to me.

Like different people have stated in this thread the cut block on Braidwood was legal. Although I found it on the cheap side Ralph did not deserve to get kicked for it. Kicking an opponent is never necessary, no matter what the circumstances, and the CFL has to take a stand with a suspension for Gass.

Hey Tod , I seem to remember a cheap shot by Gass on Danny Mac when he speared him in the chin and no penalty was called . He is a cheap shot artist to say the least !!!