Brock Ralph traded

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Goodbye to Brock Ralph

The common wisdom is that the team that acquires the best player in a swap wins the trade.
I don't know if that applies in this case; the Cats sending their most productive receiver Brock Ralph to Edmonton in exchange for import defensive back Chris Thompson and Canadian linebacker Mike Botterill.
The trade will be announced Wednesday.

Ralph is the best player in the deal but let's face it, the Canadian slotback has been underachieving since the Cats acquired him from the Eskies in the fall of 2005.
There was no indication he was going to finally be a 1,000-yard receiver in 2008. He needs a new venue.
And with Chris Bauman living in the weight room over the winter, the Cats want the big kid to become their starting slotback. Hopefully he can hold onto a few more passes in the heavy traffic.
The Cats need help in the secondary. Hopefully Thompson, who bounced around the NFL before the Eskies brought him in for nine games last season, can help.
The acquisition of Boterill, a Mac product, gives the Cats a backup behind Mariuz, who is expected to start in JoJuan Armour's spot.
So the deal is helpful to Hamilton.
But man, oh man, the Cats need some CFL experience at receiver. And I think the move signals that for sure Tony Miles or Matt Dominguez is about to become a Tabbie.
All in all, a good deal for Hamilton but only if they can bag a CFL-proven receiver in free agency.
And you? Was this trade necessary and is it favourable for Team Hamilton? Post here.

Brock dropped alot of passes too I remember.
And I didnt think he looked comfortable in what he was doing out there some games. We sure need a few good D backs. And Boterill "the drill" hits pretty good.

I don't know about this one, but time will tell. It seems to me there is a lot more urgent positions to fill than Brook Ralph. We need very good Dbacks not backups from another team.

well, this Thompson guy is young, and put up Lawrence Gordon type numbers, 12 tackles, a knock down and a pick. Obviously Obie sees potential in him, i like that the team is getting younger, it will be good in the long run.

this Botterill guy is young as well, and has a few special teams tackles last year. he also played a couple of games at MLB and made 9 tackles and a sack, so he could be a reliable back up.

Wasnt Brock making some good CFL standards?

i believe so, so i guess this would free up some cap space as well. Ralph was one of the better Canadian receivers in the east outside of Cahoon and his dropsies.

If this is true I'm not a happy camper. I really like Brock Ralph. I know he's inconsistent, but our team as a whole has been garbage.

Good for Brock. He obviously needs a change of scenery. This could come back to nip us in the butt. Maybe he had an off year. I agree that their outstanding 1st round pick from last year Bauman will be an impact player and needs time to learn. He is young but has tremendous upside. Desjardins said it when he drafted him last year that Bauman will be a future superstar in the CFL.

Well Obie did say that he wanted to give the team a real tough and hard working attitude like the city it plays in, and from what I have seen, Brock doesn't really qualify as a tough, smash mouth type player.

I always thought he was more suited to playing wideout where he could utilize his speed more and stay away from the hits his slight frame isn't built to withstand. So with the news of Bauman bulking up, it's only natural that the Ticats go with the player who is younger, cheaper, and has more potential.

If this trade is true, I wish him all the best. He is going to need it out in Edmonton.

  • paul

I like this deal.

Brock was a disappointment.

We dont need a reciever that wouldnt put his head down and try to get the extra 2 yards for the first down !!!!

Hey wasnt Botterill a former Mac player ?? I thought for sure someone would have a smart ass comment about that !!!

I'm not terribly disappointed.

Great guy, but overall an overpaid underachiever.

In other words, dead weight.

We dump his salary and pick up some value in FA.

I think Ralph is better than most might suggest but I think this move is a good one. Not like we won it or anything but it does improve and add guys in certain places. Botteril is a good ST guy and a NI that can fill in a LB if needed. Thompson has some CFL experience and hopefully can fit in. I remember when a relatively unknown Cody came in from Edmonton. Plus, if Bauman can fit in the slot (where I think he would be good at) and we sign a WR then this trade will improve the team overall.

Man Another player who said goodbye in my video is gone ..

I don't know if I Like this one Trade but Give Obie the Benefit from his years of Experience.
Can Butter Fingers Bauman Hang on to Ball if He Starting.

My favourite Ralph moment - front row centre at Commonwealth to watch the Cats play just after the Gass/Brock incident at IW. A lot of talk among the Eskimo faithful leading up to the game about how Gass was going to paralyze Ralph. The first time Ralph touches the ball, he runs right at, and then breezes right past, Gass for the long gain.

Now Gass will be coaching him - I guess he can order him to stand still and take the hit.

Salary dump.

If Katz hadnt spent so much to sign him he’d probably still be here.

Alot of speed and potential gone at an NI spot.

I am thrilled.

Great move. :rockin:

For one REASON, or another, Brock did not PLAY up to the POTENTIAL many see in him.

I fully EXPECT Brock to make some headlines out west. Ray to Ralph not only SOUNDS SMOOTH, but I can imagine them doing some real great things together.

Thompson is a SOLID acquisition, and most DEFINITELY an upgrade over the head case in Calgary.

Although the NI designation was useful - IMPROVING the team's MOST deficient area from a position in which a FA (or 2)is most ASSUREDLY coming ... seems reasonable.

Admittedly, I don't know about the MAC GUY - but I am sure he is just here as a favour to Greg Marshall and perhaps sell a few tickets to the local ALUM .....

JUST KIDDING habdude !!

What is KEY to this trade being judged a SUCCESS or failure - will be the PLAY of Bauman. If he makes us forget last season and plays Fantuz like - then all is golden.


I couldn't agree more. He did drop passes now and then but his speed is incredible. He can outrun most DB's.

Sad to see him go :frowning: