Brock Ralph should be starting

I can't figure out why Brock Ralph isn't starting. This guy's got speed to burn and really wants the ball. Hopefully he'll get to start at wide out and use that speed.
We seem to be wasting all that talent subbing him in. If anyone can stretch the defence, it's Ralph. :cowboy:

I agree with you but he should be at WR not SB to utilize his speed, he is being waisted as a SB. Peterson can sit out 1 game no loss since he catches 1 ball per game

afree with you 100% this was a guy every1 was crying for to sign in the offseason we have him now hes not even a part our offence really, maby a coiuple plays thats all. put him in more.

Good post. Brock Ralph has blazing speed and needs to be utilized as a WR.
He appears to have good hands and isn’t afraid to lay out for the ball too.

Me thinks he could turn out to be another Andrew Grigg, who had a short but great career here. The more you use him the better he'll get. To be able to use a non-import as deep threat on the outside, would make this offense a lot more versatile. Speed kills, and in camp Ralph was our fasted player. :cowboy:

If Brock Ralph was utilized at wide receiver, he would be matched up with cornerbacks for the majority of the plays. His height and speed would provide an advantage in man-to-man coverage.

Agreed. Like Vaughn, Ralph has a real synchronicity with Maas. Plus, he's fast, and has made some amazing catches lately. Ralph should be starting at WR instead of Peterson.

Why are the Cats starting Peterson every game when he catches maybe 2 passes max per game? That is very poor production from a wideout.