Brock Ralph might want to see this...

This was posted by Gass over at an Eskimo fan site. What a moron…

What a loser Gass is... owning up to nothing then plotting revenge... guys like him need to be BANNED from football...

This guy really is stupid. He actually put it on the internet. Its like threatening someone with a cop right beside you. What a moron.

I don't see what the big deal is, Gass didn't even kick Ralph, he missed. The whole scene was blown out of proportion, everyone is getting worked up over nothing.

Finally somebody who actually WATCHED the replay.

OK....he missed his head. But the intent was there. Doesn't even really matter that he missed. If Gass would have punched a ref in the face but missed does he not deserve a suspention? And all brock intended was to make a legal block. Gass deserves suspention for sure.

The intent was there , no question but obviously most people didn't even watch the plays closely.
Ralph looked foolish on second down and resented that the eskimos were trying to stop the clock because there was time left.
On third down he decided to send a cheap message by cutting #93 down at the knees , which maybe legal but in the world of football is cheap and you know it.
" it's legal , it's legal"
Let's put it into something the ti-cat fan "might " relate to .
Maas throws an interception .
While chasing down the interceptor , he's chopped down at the knees. How many of you would be screaming bloody murder then?
And I'll guarentee you ticat players would be doing far worse than kicking AT that player.
Infact I've seen a ticat player do that after a tackle... this year.


Football is a nasty sport. Little (and yes, this is little) incidents like this happen all the time in football games.

The only reason I'd be screaming "bloody murder" is that O-linemen are MUCH more replacable than starting QBs...

Otherwise, ANY player is fair game to be blocked legally...

i caught the end of the play in question so im not completely sure but....if brock ralph threw a cut block at the end of the game when they were killing the clock that is unacceptable and gass should have kicked him right in the head. please correct me if i have the wrong details of the events but that is a classless act by ralph and the only one that should be suspended is ralph. i may take a lot of crap because hes a ticat but lets be honest if that happened to one of our guys we would go crazy.

It maybe legal but I'm sure he will be "Taken care of" in Edmonton.

hes in for a rough day thats for sure.

Are NWO and Geoffery the same person, or are they an old married couple? Their current love-in suggests it is so...

sigpig you obviously have never played football. ralph was lucky they werent waiting outside the lockeroom for him. and nice comment. i guess were married because we agree. your a tool

this is the most ignorant comment of the day. first of all you cant block below the knees on a change of possesion ie int punt kickoff. but if this were to happen every player is valuable and their own personal career is just as important as a qbs. i agree it is a legal block when used correctly but in this case it is a disgusting attempt to injure a player and should have serious repercussions. sigpig i have to ask you once again to try and not talk about things you are completely clueless about. seriously you sound like you might not be playing with a full deck???

I’m sorry… that just doesn’t make any sense. A.J. Gass’ actions were unacceptable REGARDLESS OF THE PROVOCATION. True, Brock may have started it with his cut block, but that does not justify Gass’ attempt to kick him in the head. The CFL rules clearly state that retaliation is not to be tolerated.

Defences will let up in an obvious kneel-down situation, granted the quarterback takes a knee immediately. On the next down, Braidwood pancaked the Ticats quarterback.
BS.. I have seen MANY QB's pump fake the knee 3 or 4 times untill the D crosses the line of scrimmage, Damon Allen is one of those QB's who won't kneel until that has happened
"It was one of those situations where only four seconds came off the clock on the first one," Braidwood said. "We thought we might be able to get the ball back with a couple of seconds left if he did that again. So we decided to go in there and get him.

"So I basically ran, and I ran a guy over. I don't think he took to it too kindly. So on the next play he dove right at my knees."

This is what started it... Braidwood said he ran a guy it's OK for them to play hard on a kneel play... seems EDM can dish it out.. just not take it...

Gass is a good name for this Putz, the Cats sould keep a close watch on this dingbat next game.

i m amazed i really thought this was a knowledgeable site about the game. i mean i knew most of you were delusional about jesse but thats a different story. let me clarify the difference for you. if at the end of the game when killing the clock you are pissed off fired up then you can go as hard as you want if you stay on your feet. yeah your being a jerk but nobody can fault you. on the flip side if you cut someones legs for no other purpose but to hurt someone then that is unacceptable and should be dealt with. should he be kicked in the head no. does he deserve to be YES

Soooo. it IS ok for EDM to play hard on a kneel play then...just as long as WE don't do it