Brock Ralph is back

I just read in the Edmonton Sun that Brock Ralph is back in Edmonton. He has to clear waivers, but after that he will be an Eskimo. He will be back in practice, and he will probably play in the Labour Day Classic. Brett vs Brock, lol.

whoa...on a quick read I thought the thread read...Ralph Brock is with all of the resurections out there ..I thought we had another oldie returning to get my glasses fixed... 8)

Hey papazoola…you stole my thunder…lol.

Did you see the typo on Slam:


In addition to prying Deitan Dubuc’s playing rights out of Calgary in exchange for the first overall selection and a fifth-round pick, the Esks also worked a deal with Ottawa and obtained the CFL rights to Brock Ralph.

The 22-year-old wide receiver, who hails from Raymond, is a player the Esks had their eye on at last year’s draft.

Unfortunately, the Esks had only three picks in last year’s lottery and didn’t make their first selection until the third round.

“He’s as good as any receiver that was on that board and that was coming out this year,” said Esks offensive co-ordinator Danny Maciocia. “He’s definitely a first-round pick. We traded the 17th pick to get Ralph Brock.”

Can anyone find a link on this story? Because the Jets cut 7 guys yesturday and Brock wasn't one of them. And he played in the Giants/Jets game last Friday. When was he cut?

He even admitted earlier this season his kid brother
has always been the real playmaker.

just got the Esks insider email about that! it's a good day it tis!

Can he block???? LOL

Hey Argonaut fan.. One of the topics you'll see is about it. And he talked with Hallzy on the afternoon sports show today.

Thanks. I knew he wasn't going to make the team anyway. He's not built like a NFL receiver. Oh well, I'm sure he got some decent money down there.

I bet he got a truckload of $$$ just to try out.

But yeah, it's extremely rare that a Canadian-born, undrafted player makes an NFL roster. Like most major professional leagues, NFL teams usually have a HUGE committment to grooming their own draft picks.

Bet you he didnt get a truckload. Maybe tonka truckload.

But if that Tonka truck was full of $100 bills, that's as much as his annual CFL salary.