Brock Ralph for Jason Nugent

....hmmmmmm ...Bombers have acquired Brock Ralph an ni receiver..... for Nugent ,who returns to the esks......great move....I see the Bombers starting two canuck receivers ...Franklin//Brock....sweet.... :thup:...Ralph must have liked playing for his former receivers coach (kelly) :thup:

Good move, I've always liked Ralph and Nugent wasn't all that great and never impressed. Guess we figured out the ratio at reciever.

Can never have enough decent NI receivers.

I've been critical of some things that Kelly has said and done..........and I think rightly so.

But I also like to give credit where credit is due, and I think Kelly gets full marks for the 2 trades he has made so far.

Getting a quality LB~safety in Shabazz for a spare part like Kai Ellis is a steal.

Getting a quality NI receiver like Brock Ralph for a spare part like Jason Nugent is another steal.

So, while I think he's made some mistakes, kudos to Mr Kelly for these 2 moves.