Brock Please Don't Ralph It Up Against The Argos.

Pease do not line up offside nor fumble and I'll be alright.

As Barney Fife said, "can you tell a bird not to sing..."?

An Argo-Cat fan

Or can you tell a bird not to crap on your car? :smiley:

Why is Brock Ralph starting on our Ticats offense,what has he done since he came here ?Nothing that is the answer,he cannot block,does not consistently catch the ball,he does not fight for the ball in Traffic,and do not forget he coughed up 14 points last game in calgary.let our rookies play and let the ballerina watch on the sidelines!

and the lynch mob scurries to it's next I feel like I'm watching a tennis match

We should start a poll about who will be the next victim. :wink:

LOL… that’s a GREAT idea BG… :cowboy: :thup:

ROTFLMBO (almost hysterically)

Am I too late to submit that phrase to the 'Words of the day' contest?

He is the fastest TiCat player.
That is worth something when you are a receiver, and a non-import.

Being the fastest just means he runs to nowhere quicker! LOL :lol:

He's a victim of love....:stuck_out_tongue: I don't know BG, who do you think will be the next attractive candidate on this week's lynch list?

Yes he is the fastest Ticat,but that alone does not make a starting reciever ,you have to make the tough catches and block for your teamates once in a while.If that was the case then that fast rabbit in calgary should be starting,he was as just as effective on the field!!

breakout year brock is a bum edmonton doesnt trade good canadians

he is fast indeed but could not catch a cold if he tried

I think he's on a shorter leash than anyone.

It wouldn't surprise me to see him gone before Labour Day.

odd that they never tried him at returner...

Yeah. Return with the Tim Hortons coffee! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, why is everyone ragging on Brock Ralph holy crap! The fumble wasn't his fault! He had to wait for a screen pass that was late and thrown behind him! check the replay! then he was hammered by two stamps. Give it up. He has never had the chance to show what he is capable of. They didn't throw to him last year and he still lead the team in TD catches. Its week two people we all need to relax a little don't you think? I didn't see any of the other WR blocking for him on the fumble! Going offside is inexcusable for a WR so I can't defend that one. IMO he's the best we got at that position.

So it was Maas’ fault? GET HIM! LOL.