Broche A Foin Matthieu Proulx Press Conference

I was not very proud of my Montreal Alouettes today with the bush league way they handled Proulx`s retirement announcement.

There was only figurehead Paul Harris - no Wettenhall, Popp, or Trestman - on the podium. Not exactly the right way to show respect to an Alouette who may not have been the most talented, but one who certainly gave his all to the team both on and off the field.

And certainly not the way to build goodwill for the team throughout the province.

The no-shows at the Cahoon press conference had the excuse that it was called at the last minute. There is certainly no excuse for the lack of representation at Proulx`s conference.

Let`s wish Matthieu good luck in his future endeavours, and hope that we might see him with the Als in some capacity down the road.

Mathieu was a lot of fun to watch and i enjoyed his column on RDS. I think he will have a wonderful carreer in the media. Thanks Mat !

unfortunately montreal has a history of poor send offs…
part of the dilemma is that the powers that be dont live there and the current coach has expressed many times that he is in the cfl because its a part time gig and he gets time with his family.
just goes with the territory i guess…

I love Marc Trestman interviews. Always hugely thoughtful and articulate, but that struck me as a little odd too. When he was interviewed by Vancouver radio last week he mentioned all the time off he gets to spend time with his family. Nothing wrong in the least with being a family man, but his candor about why he loves his job was a little surprising, that's all.

From Matt Proulx's facebook:

Merci à tout le monde pour vos messages et vos témoignages. J'aurai porté fièrement le chandail des Alouettes et représenté du mieux que j'aurai pu le Québec au sein de la LCF pendant six belles années. Grâce au support d'un entourage exceptionnel j'ai réussi à atteindre des sommets inespérés. Ne cessez jamais de croire en vos rêves car avec de la passion et de l'effort tout est possible. Merci pour tout !!!!

Proulx was indeed a very passionate and devoted Alouette who gave it his all. He was a very talented player and also very articulate in both official languages.

One dark cloud, however, plagued him his entire career - namely injuries. Like Jessie Lumsden, who showed flashes of brilliance, Matthieu was injury-prone, not something any player likes. This is certainly not due to any lack of preparation or dedication on his part, but just something that happened. Who knows what may have been had he remained healthy? This is a real danger in a contact sport like football. While we cheer on our favourite players, we are ever cognizant of the fact that they are only ever one injury away from the end of their career.

So, Matthieu, best of luck in your future career, and hope to see you back with the Als in some capacity some day!