Broadcast schedule:

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but I haven't been on here in years and was wondering if the international broadcast schedule has been announced yet. BTW the new CFL logo is appalling!

Normally the International broadcast schedule is released about two weeks into the season. Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

I remember things a bit different.

The US broadcast listing was around the start of preseason.

BTW, you are being way to kind and diplomatic about the CFL logo.

It sucks. Bland, boring, dull and no creativity. A gray football with the ends cut off and a small dot that looks like a maple leaf.

The other logo ( 2002 - 2015 ) was bold, good color and energetic.

Thumbs down to the corporate suit who made this decision. A preschool kid could have done better.

Also, the new website sucks as well. It is not well organized or displayed.

Get over it , you're a grown man. you like the league for its football and nuance, just like to rest of us.

Or you can volunteer to write code down at head office. :slight_smile:

I too am looking forward to the foreign broadcast schedules. Hopefully get some prime time down south