Broadcast feeds to the U.S.

I have a question regarding the subject of this thread directed towards anyone that can answer.

I live in Ohio usa and subscribe to "Altitude Sports" as part of my Directv sports package. They have been very good in showing all CFL games that they were scheduled, until the last two weeks.

Instead of showing two games that they were supposed too they only showed one.

Now...I wrote them and they proceeded to tell me that the people they get their "feed" from had suddenly changed their schedule for the last part of the season. I'm thinking they get their "feed" from either TSN or CBC who haven't changed anything according to what I have researched. But...they wrote me back saying they get their "feed" from a company who "syndicates" the games to them.

Can anyone tell me if this is true or am I being lied to? I worked in Radio for a number of years and when my station broadcast a program from another part of the country, we got our "feed" directly from the netowrk doing the show itself.

Case in point! This Monday(Happy Thanksgiving to all my neighbors up north BTW) Altitude Sports is supposed to be showing both games and yet they are telling me it will only be one.

Do you not also get NESN as part of that package? Their website shows they are airing both games live.

Also, Trajectory Sports is the syndication company. Contact them if you want more info.

Thanks for the answer..I'll check into that.