Broadband TSN or CFL

I notice that TSN says it will be carry 50 games on broadband.

Will the CFL be carrying the others? Will TSN be charging? Will the CFL?

I thought the TSN broadband deal was to start in 2008?

Great! Hope I can get some of these games in the States!

I really hope that the CFL will show all the games via their broadband service otherwise I will not be able to see any single game living in Denmark.

im gonna watch games both on and on tv then...if alot of people do this, tsn will think they are getting more CFL viewers than they are, and will hopefully influence thier ( and other media ) regular content....maybe more cfl content on sportscentre? maybe a cfl snap-type show?

I believe the balance of the games will be on broadband but supplied by the CBC
That's how it was last year

Can't you get TSN broadband there?

Do any of you think it would be possible, or know who I would ask, to get a broadband season ticket? They charge $10 per game and it would be nice to not have to pay $180. That way a little savings could be put towards watching a few non-Rider games. I unfortunately am living in the Caribbean where I can't watch any on TV or live.... obviously. Just curious if anyone has any idea about that. Thanks

Go Riders!!

No. I can only view some highlights from the site but not the games. You have to have a canadian IP address or no access.

I have been told by the CFL that there should be some announcements soon on the topic. Hope its good news for us international fans.

CFL Broadband which provides both
the CFL on TSN and the CFL on CBC

has no advanced list of games
that are scheduled for 2007.

The website just has this message.

'Links will become active
on the day of the game.'

under the heading, 'Upcoming Games'

click here

Awesome! The 2007 schedule is now up on CFL Broadband, and yes, there is love for international fans:

Tonight's game links are active at