Broadband feed - Hamilton@Montréal

I had a bad feeling when I saw that this game was a CBC feed and sure enough, there is a picture but no sound.


I'm not really sure if it's Insinc's or CBC's fault. I have watched several games (at $11 a crack) and usually they work. This is the second time I have had once that is fubar, though at least there is a picture.

Very annoying to pay full price for a silent game though.

Yes I have tested other feeds to make sure it isn't my machine. WMP has no incoming sound at all.

Edit: YAY! Started working. /woot

That’s too bad, especially for $11 per game. If it makes you feel any better I wouldn’t mind not having to listen to the announcers, but the game sound I would miss for sure.

I am watching the game and there are no commercials on the feed. I do have the announcers. During the commercials on tv you can hear the announcers talking to each other or sounds around Molson Stadium. Not to bad. I kind of get sick of 3 guys in a freezer talking to the new trainee for commercials. You need ads to pay for broadcasts but I don't mind the silent treatment on the net here while there are ads on tv.