Brittany Spears named Head Coach of Ti-Cats!


What the heck anything is possible!?

Turkey Rod Pedersen said the same thing this afternoon but she was headed for Priderland to replace Kent.

Careful Turkey, I just got my diploma from your school of creative writting.

But since you started poking fun at the Ti-Cats; How about, Just for fun, lets look at who YOUR RIDERS might hire as a Head Coach if Austin Leaves.

(1) Joe Paopao
Afterall who else knows Joe better than Tillman. They did work together in Ottawa.

(2) Jim Daley
Could return to his roots where he first was a Head Coach.

b Danny Machocia.[/b] Marty York reports that something as simple as two draft picks could be traded to the Eskimos for Dancing Danny.

b Don “Juan” Mathews[/b] Lock up your daughters if the suave Don returns to town.

b Tom Higgins[/b] He is available afterall.

b Dave Johnson,[/b] the loveable coach of the CIS SFU Clansmen who are winless in 20 or 30 seasons? (well maybe not that many)

b Larry Kuharic[/b] Stampeder and Lions fans haven’t had a good laugh er, I mean cry since the nineties, but I think Coach K would be a long shot! :wink:

Ouch sporty your dam mean. Rod Pedersen on the radio said the chances of Austin leabing are very high. Hmmm Richie Hall would most likely take the role being realistic. But Sporty I like your choices. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes I would bet on Richie Hall too!

She could hire=d the two ex chearleaders as coordinators. You know the one who were playing with a dildo on the Howard Stern Show....:slight_smile: